Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So, yesterday, while I was sitting in the lobby, waiting, or rather, dying for my name to be called; it hit me.
My blog should be called: Be-E!
See, more that what to say in my blog, my greater headache was, what to call my blog. I thought of names relating to what I wanted it to be about, even attempted to 'remix' names that I had heard before, but none seems to 'wow' me like this.
According to my friends, the professional bloggers and google!, my blog name should be relevant, precise and quite memorable. It should refelct the writers personality or in the least convey, in the title what the blog is about.
The name Be-E (is not only the nickname that I have had since high school but )revolves around the word ' be', which i think is by far the strongest word in any language.
Amongst its vaults of definitions i pulled these
To exist in actuality; have life or reality
To occupy a specified position
To remain in a certain state or situation undisturbed, untouched, or unmolested
To have a specified significance
To belong to a specified class or group.

Be-E is a blog divided into two halves.
The first is a little about who I am and all that have structured me into BEing who I am; its about experiences I have been through or heard of, that I think may benefit people to come to BE who they ought to BE!
The other half is the -E, it's the entertainment, expository, educative, enlightening,evolutionary, emotional, - sigh; Es of life!
It's the 'funner' half of the blog.
Welcome to the BE-E!
Be-Entertained, Enlightened, Educated and Evolved as you follow!