Monday, October 26, 2009

Come out...Come out...wherever you are....

Where has everyone gone?
Ok, i admit it, I havent written anything in a while, but I have been here, refreshing the page waiting on you, when it occurred to me that you just might be doing the same!
I'm at work again, its one of those quiet nights.....except that its Miderm week, so the student centre is pretentiously busy, i say pretentiously, only because half of these people arent studying, they've been playing songs and giggling and youtubing all night. I feel like yelling, 'Study, Shut it off or Go Home!' I dont see why I have to be forced to listen to other people's very random taste in music!
There's also the random people that come up to my desk and just talk, about random things too, and they (a) dont know when to stop and walk away, (b) think I'm really interested in their cat, Sheryl, (c) buzzed on red bull and need to stay up, either way, its doing my head in.
One of duties is to pick up the phone, and I've been staring at it so hard, I think the poor thing is just going to ring to make me happy!
But I love my job tho, besides the fact that it gets me buzzed and hyper at the wrong times in the day, I actually love my job
I get paid to sit and study, now aint that grand!
Hmmm... This is slowly turning out to be a random post(forgive me, I've been drinking soda and this thing called 'fuel' and the first thing on the bottle even before the name, is CAUTION: POWERFUL)!!
3 hours 30mins till I'm done!
has anyone ever tried the 5hr energy thing? does it work?
I think vitamin water does, well maybe not for me, but the vending machine for it is sold out!
There's a song in my head and I dont remember who sang it, help please!!
all i remember is it says som like: i will cry/die/lie(dunno)for you, if you want me to, I will ..... for you, girl you know its truuuuuuueee, yeeeea, sm sm n then it goes into sm kinda reggae thing, that I think is Shabba Ranks, but I dunno, its been in my head since Friday! that and surprisingly the 'alanta song' and i find that strangely bizzarre cus i dont care for it at all!
I have been meaning to do a picture blog of the things that I am obsessed with for fall, but just havent had time
Here's one though, I'm soooooo into buttons, not buttons as in the ones that come wiv my shirt! but buttons that say stuff, so here's a link to the blog of the guy who makes my buttons
Yay buttons!!!!
i have just about everyone on that blog and you can customize 'em and you should totally check out the smiley face ones, the flags, the comics, the movie ones, the statements, ok i'll stop now!
Just check it out ok! :
ok, ttyl at least till I get some sleep, which if you havent noticed, I more than need!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mic Check...Mic Check....1,2..1,2....

Good Morning Bloggers!!!!
Insert deep breath.....
Can you smell that crisp morning air.....that begs for an old fashioned thinly sliced yam and scrambled eggs and not just any kind of egg, stewed eggs..hmmm
Mother where art tho
Or even, better yam where art thou
Its best not to even hope for better yam in this far away country....
To think about it though, weekend breakfast was alternated between Ogi and Moi Moi or yam and egg...Sigh the good days
And my mother
That sweet woman, knew how to stuff moi moi with so much delectable goodness that it shouldnt have been called moi moi any longer...
Insert laugh here...
Saturdays were also the days where good ol lesson teachers come along
How wonderful satuday morning were until you saw that form grace your doorstep, and mentally calculate if all assignments have been done
Mehn, lesson teachers suffered with me though, apart from the ones that were enticing enough for me to have crushes on.
Hungry, moi moi and ogi draining lot they were, and yes I did it
My blog confession
Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned....
Yes, one time, My mother made one of these signature bean puddings! and my dad had 'unexpected' guests, and by the time they were done there wasnt much left. Then lesson teacher shows up, twitching and salivating, for MY potion of breakfast
He could have said, no thank you ma, I'm fine. He could have said, Oh, but thats Devine's, I couldnt possibly!
But nooo, he ate it, gobbled it all down.
I couldnt help myself..Insert choking sob.
So I did it, I spiked his juice!
needless to say I spent most of that days lesson time watching tv and He in the toilet...
He sure learnt how to say, no thanks!!
Plus, do you realize those lanky beings always showed up right when chores were done and you were about to settle for Cadbury Breakfast Tv?
Dem be winch...seriously though!
Primary school rocked for me!!
See my mum is/was a chef, so she found it interesting to bake me pies and all those fine fine things to school, Yes, I said Chef, not Caterer!!
But Devine here, just wanted bread and jam, or peanut butter, o tan!
So I started a trade, the good days\
When I got home, I'll have more snacks that I took to school.
Those days, when all that was important was who could re-enact Lion king, Voltron and Thunder Cats
Ah, there was this kid, Busayo, that kid vexed me eh, everyday, he'll tape his rulers together and be screaming 'Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats'!!
Mehn, I'm off to have me some eggs for breakfast, no bread, no hot chocolate, just eggs, oh la la
Oh, p.s, remember those gel pen days!
In high school
lmao, when you signed val day cards or wrote a letter to that special someone it was either with a scented pen or gel pen!!
And how you were the best-est kid for the while that your set was complete!!
Oh oh, remember Archie!! Chai, My nickname should have been Librarian!!
And how the books NEVER EVER come back the same!!
Oil stain here, rip there, plus it being bent?
lol.......Egg time, Dee..Over n Out!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Funny How People Eat When They Think You're not Looking....

Interesting in fact!
I was in the food court at the mall yesterday and watched as people ate. I wasnt particularly conducting a study, just noticed how this girl practically shoved half her plate into her mouth, basically cus she thought no one was looking.
Thats how it started!
Personally, I'm a closet eater! If you stare at me when I'm eating, I'll stop, no matter how hungry! I love to take the food to me room and watch tv while I eat, Love It!
Dinner with a bunch of people.....Awkward!!
Lol, and people get mighty offended too cu they think I dont like the food or som'
And I take my time to eat..I hear that its cus I didnt go to boarding house! yea yea yea!!!
I love to bite and think about all the flavours, oooh and ahh, thats me! you guess it! Love to cook and my mother is/was a chef(only cus she ended up doing business later!) and she taught me not to gobble the food but experience it.
Its funny what people do when they think you're not watching!
Saw some funny clip of some Prime Minister picking his nose, then eating it and downing it with a cup of tea, like it was a croissant!!
What people do in their houses!
I remember a time when I wore masks like everything was kool, but I'd go home and cry my lungs out.
Its funny isnt it, what people say when they think you cant hear them!
Slander, gossip, general beef/hate comments.....
Seriously though, i sincerely think that if you cant say something to my face, you're just a coward, don't necessarily believe in confrontations and shinikua eye rollings but at least tell me, text me, don't tell Titi, that'll tell Gbemi that'll tell me!
Its funny how people look at you when they think you cant see them
lol...Oh I know this one for sure!!
Just today I was at work and I was looking out the window, when some guys walked up to me and I had heard em say, 'ey, lets go check out the girl with the big bum'
Surprise! lol!
Its funny ey
Its funny really , what people feel in their hearts when they're not looking
Happiness, joy, love even comes in the most unlikely places at the most unlikely hour!
Its funny how people eat when they think you're not looking!
I dont know I think that you should eat the same out or in, in front of him/her or not!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

If you're happy and you know it.......


so my day starts up with a facebook debate, a friend of mine updated his status to tell all the nay-Sayers to do sm or shut up.
To whch ppl responded by reminding him that he wasnt in Nigeria and all the things they were facing, etc etc...
i personally agree on the shut up part though, all my life I have Nigerians point out the faults but do nothing about it, ne hows that was that
and then i decided it was time to update my know, get my fall theme going on
started out good, wande, d banj, ayo, jill scott, singing me encouragements, but mehn, im tired
n now my room is in a ridiculous mess!
Mid-terms next week!!!!Yay!!!!then reading week!!!Yay again!!!
Inspiration for this post came when I remembered those days, when glitter pen/gel pen was the ish
When someone was really special to you, you signed their gift off with a glitter pen.
it was no joke o, hear curses when someones pen goes missing.
lol...high school.
I miss high school......
I miss Nigeria.....
I have a speech/poem/thing to do on saturday for Nigeria's independence, so I called my mum and asked what good thing I could say and she said "well, Nigeria is a place that forces your husband to be romantic!!you call candle lit dinner an occasion, we call it Thursday night!"
I'm happy! by the way
just happy...thought of all the good things in my life and I'm happy.....
my room's a mess, dont have my speech, and im tred of ppl saying, 'is it not you!'; lol
I'm tempted to go up there n say, 'yo, ima let you finish...!'(ref to Kanye)
I lost my mentor two weeks ago, death is bizarre you know, you think you'll hurt forever, but to be honest I havent thought of it in the past 3-4 days, thats one of my fears. That ppl will eat rice, fight for plastic bowls and handkerchief, clean mouth and forget me; until a years past.
twitter anti twitter hence my 'twits'(is that whut they're called??)shall appear here!
Twitter is EVIL, see how it has snuck into blogville n captured ppls hearts, regular bloggers have vanished eh, like facebook was to hi5,lmao
hi5! sigh, who knew you'd end so [pathetically, while you were sexing yourself up.
If facebook has those background things n music im leaving!!
ok, i need a maid....
a robot a wand, sm, d only safe place is this lil corner on the floor...
I'm happy, just happy, and if i hadnt spent half the energy dancing instead of cleaning up, i might have done a happy dance!
random much!