Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mic Check...Mic Check....1,2..1,2....

Good Morning Bloggers!!!!
Insert deep breath.....
Can you smell that crisp morning air.....that begs for an old fashioned thinly sliced yam and scrambled eggs and not just any kind of egg, stewed eggs..hmmm
Mother where art tho
Or even, better yam where art thou
Its best not to even hope for better yam in this far away country....
To think about it though, weekend breakfast was alternated between Ogi and Moi Moi or yam and egg...Sigh the good days
And my mother
That sweet woman, knew how to stuff moi moi with so much delectable goodness that it shouldnt have been called moi moi any longer...
Insert laugh here...
Saturdays were also the days where good ol lesson teachers come along
How wonderful satuday morning were until you saw that form grace your doorstep, and mentally calculate if all assignments have been done
Mehn, lesson teachers suffered with me though, apart from the ones that were enticing enough for me to have crushes on.
Hungry, moi moi and ogi draining lot they were, and yes I did it
My blog confession
Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned....
Yes, one time, My mother made one of these signature bean puddings! and my dad had 'unexpected' guests, and by the time they were done there wasnt much left. Then lesson teacher shows up, twitching and salivating, for MY potion of breakfast
He could have said, no thank you ma, I'm fine. He could have said, Oh, but thats Devine's, I couldnt possibly!
But nooo, he ate it, gobbled it all down.
I couldnt help myself..Insert choking sob.
So I did it, I spiked his juice!
needless to say I spent most of that days lesson time watching tv and He in the toilet...
He sure learnt how to say, no thanks!!
Plus, do you realize those lanky beings always showed up right when chores were done and you were about to settle for Cadbury Breakfast Tv?
Dem be winch...seriously though!
Primary school rocked for me!!
See my mum is/was a chef, so she found it interesting to bake me pies and all those fine fine things to school, Yes, I said Chef, not Caterer!!
But Devine here, just wanted bread and jam, or peanut butter, o tan!
So I started a trade, the good days\
When I got home, I'll have more snacks that I took to school.
Those days, when all that was important was who could re-enact Lion king, Voltron and Thunder Cats
Ah, there was this kid, Busayo, that kid vexed me eh, everyday, he'll tape his rulers together and be screaming 'Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats'!!
Mehn, I'm off to have me some eggs for breakfast, no bread, no hot chocolate, just eggs, oh la la
Oh, p.s, remember those gel pen days!
In high school
lmao, when you signed val day cards or wrote a letter to that special someone it was either with a scented pen or gel pen!!
And how you were the best-est kid for the while that your set was complete!!
Oh oh, remember Archie!! Chai, My nickname should have been Librarian!!
And how the books NEVER EVER come back the same!!
Oil stain here, rip there, plus it being bent?
lol.......Egg time, Dee..Over n Out!


juiceegal said...


juiceegal said...

Memories mehn...chai those lesson teachers, i hated them ehn..always coming to sisrupt my weekend.
Weekend breakfast, in my house ogi and akara was for saturday after you must have cleaned the whole house, then yam and egg was for sundays *has dreamy faraway look in eyes*
Remember jollof/fried rice on sunday..but that was like when i was little cuz suddenly everyone became busy and nobody had time to sit around again, esp

RocNaija said...

Oh no..
Sounds like someone was a naughty little one.
Please tell me you didn't spike his drink with Andrews Liver salt?!

Devine said...

mehn Roc Naija's been there done that!!
i know eh, them good ol days

Fabulo-la said...

Abeg WHAT did u spike his drink with biko?

~B~ said...

Lol! wiked child! but mehn, y'd u offer wen u ddnt wanna giv??
nd me ma I'm curious, wat did u use??

Anonymous said...

I remember those saturdays too; the vendor brings 'vanguard newspaper ' then I have moi moi nd custard....still do custard but tummy no longer tolerate moi moi

Then my lesson teachers, aunty kemi was most popular cos she was good bt the feel of ruler on ur knuckles is not good at allll

Sugarking said...

omo saturday mornings were d best really! We did Bread, Akara and Akamu chei! (smacks lips)

omg! Voltron!!! chai u brought back memories jare! lemme youtube it sef!

Great post!!

Anonymous said...

are u my sister?apart from the lesson teacher stories..i never had one that sounded like my life.

Devine said...

lol.....leggy..i just might be
wink wink
it was andrews very much like Roc Naija ha ha ha
andrews in bitter lemon, he he he
@ B, no be me offer am o
its my mum, that woman is soo nice

miss.fab said...

I swear it seems every Nigerian had ogi for breakfast on Saturdays, yam and egg on Sunday mornings, and rice on Sunday afternoons! Lol was there a convention or something

The Pearls Incorporated said...

hiiiiii...this isnt random or a virus or something lol
you know? you have to check this blog out!
there's something for everybody!

Myne Whitman said...

It keeps surprising me the way it seems most naija peeps have almost the same background, LOL. You could have been talking about my life growing up.

Your blog is cool, me likey...

♥Blue~Amber♥ said...

OMG, this brings back a lot of gel pen days, it reminds me of the one time like dat, my friends and i showed one stingy gal pepper, she was very stingy with her gel pens so we fapped it and used it dry, then bought our own gel