Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ok, so I did it
I joined twitter...
shut up! Dont judge me, I know I have commented on ppls postings about how I'll never EVER join, but before you eat me up lemmi explain.
So yesterday, my friend n I r in the lib n then she goes on twitter, n I was like 'nah uh, we'r spose to be studying no twitting'
n she was like , 'hold the phone, are you on twitter?'
n I was like, 'heavens no!'
N she asked why
So I began to elaborate on how I thot it was just a waste of time and silly and not as fun as ppl make it out to be
Little did I know that as I was huffing and puffing she was signing me up for twitter.
When I was done, she scribbled a word on a sheet of paper n I was like 'what is this?'
n she shrugged and replied, 'ur password.'
HA ha ha, i laffed, and said 'no point, I'll never log on'
But to my shame and horror curiosity got the better of me and I logged on, just to see
Just to see
N now( about 52 hrs later , i have made over a 100 tweets)
Facebook has lost its shine, I actually want to tweet...
Sob, somebody help me!
I couldnt even blog for a hot minute because my twitter tab was showing that I had new msgs and I didnt want to ignore them
Oh by the way, if ur on twitter just leave ur name n ima find u!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's Day Massacre

Everything's in red!
Hearts and cupids, flowers and pretty pretty things everywhere!
I feel like this is one of those 'Scribbles' moment meets a Nigerian movie commercial
I'm beginning to get tired of the fanfare and noise attached to this day even
Pathetic more is the fact that I have to be at work on that good day.
And I absolutely refuse to write anything romantic this year!!
Every year, I get an influx of mails, people asking me to express their love for them in poetry but every year I never write a poem for my special someone, cus one way or the other I end up single on valentines(and I blame you poem sucking lovers!!), and I have no problem helping people express their love in words, but this year, I'm On Strike! and it feels good, so there you go, if you're in love listen to D'bangs 'Fall in love' and scribble the lyrics down!
Frealz tho
It is my sincere intention to reveal to you, the realities of Valentines day
I don't think Valentines is an evil, I think the commercialization of a beautiful occasion is the evil.
I think its a necessary day to celebrate love, and I'm tired of people saying, well why cant we celebrate our love everyday, psffff!people who say that are either broke, or fear rejection!
I think its important that every couple have a valentines day, not necessarily the 14th, but one day, or days in the year, where you BOTH decide that you are going to be over the top, loving and affectionate(not like you don't already do this, but who are we fooling, with school, work, kids, somehow if that date isn't already preset, you'll never have time for each other.)
But as the world has made a big deal about the 14, then its world love day!
Like world aids day or mother's day, you cant really choose not to participate, you'll just look bad.
And how about the guys?
Am I the only one that doesnt understand why a guy is a jerk if he doesnt go all out, perfumes and candy, poetry and expensive dinners?
Like its not fair, I dont know any store promoting an item for him, unless guys started cuddling ginormous teddy bears and they didnt tell one is promoting the concept of 'him' and the few that do, sell pathetic, tired looking shirts and ties that clearly say, 'ok, ok, just so you wouldn't nag her that you spent so much money, here's a lil sm'
SO what are you up to this valentines?
I want to do something quiet, endlessly romantic, fun, special, and did I say quiet.
I think its the quiet stuff that makes it special, at least for me
DISCLAIMER***: This doesn't mean that if you have gone all out to get me the chocolates and flowers and things that you shouldn't bring it on one knee with a boys to men song playing in the background in a preferably candle lit room(refer to the Keg, Applebees or Red lobster!)
No! I like quiet, but i could do dinner and stuff, that can be worked in!
Just putting it out there!
But I'd much rather a favorite movie of mine or his, even though we've seen it a thousand and one times, and dinner, maybe a poem in there, maybe
Do you know that poetry written by 'non-poets' are the cutest things ever!
Only because its very sincere and honest and lacks all the unnecessary frills poets put on things like 'hips like the dunes of the Sahara' or 'voice like the Nile'..
Lemme know what you guys think..
what are you planning to do this valentines, whats on your wish list?
Do you believe in the Vals day massacre?
Tell Tell!!