Sunday, March 14, 2010

'It's not you, it's me!"- A.K.A The Break-up!

Its twitters fault! that's all I can say, I haven't blogged cus I have been twitting, and I do not know if its tweeting or twitting!
But I'm back, the semester is almost done! I cant wait to continue writing my second novel, "something Blue"
Ever heard the line, 'It's not you, It's me'?. I think in its own capacity its actually a very true statement, albeit not what you would like to hear at the time its being said, but I've used it a couple of times and meant it!
The Break up!
I find them interesting, and I hurt for those people who've had nasty break-ups, like pele!
Its sad, I hate it when guys or girls who used to be in love and send every text with 'hey baby' and 'sweetie' suddenly turn and act that cus ur experiencing a low ur suddenly as foul as a skunk!
Like c'mon now!
Ive heard of horrible break ups, like Godzilla boyfriends and girlfriends!
Why do people break up even? I dont understand anymore, it seems as though relationships have turned to flavors of ice cream! Every time you go to the store you want to try a new one!
I dont get break ups, funny cus I have broken up wiv a number of ppl, so before I come across sounding like a hypocrite i'll explain why.
I either broke up with them because as friends we were chill but if we ventured to relationship, it was just funny and awkward!cus we wer like brother n sister, broke up again, cus we wer too similar, damn, like thinking bout it makes me want to pull my hair, I'm happy go lucky, get excited bout stuff, n he was too, can u imagine both of us gisting bout our day, "no hunnie, shush, lemmi talk!" and interrupting during conversations! yo, i was created to marry a quiet man, freal! and then again, cus we or rather I was moving far away and at that time, long distance relationships? ow heck naw!!
And in some instances it was me and not them!It really was! I just wasnt a that place where if we continued, the way we were, on, two, three years down the line and they asked me to marry them, I couldnt say yes! I just dindt see them that way and to be honest I decided then that thats how I'll take all my relationships.
You know, sometimes ppl end up in relationships simply because! He is there, he likes me, oh well, and then sometime later you think, oh this isnt fair, i really dont care, and so lets wrap this up! its not fair to the other party. They actually liked you from green light and they find it hard to understand the sudden conscience hunt.
And then bad enuf as it is some of these ppl go off! Like get soo irritated during break ups like this person wasnt once the love of your life, or someone you even slightly tolerated and I dont get that, and I hear ppl say(when they wanna start a new relationship) 'well my ex said the same thing you're saying but he hurt me so bad and now I cant trust you!" and that pisses me off!
I think the only thing that I cannot tolerate is infidelity, like I dont know, there best be a good excuse, like rape or sm! lmao, but I just cant, I think its disrespectful and I am a huge respect person, so I couldnt, wouldnt , I dont know!
Do you think im irrational?!
HAve you ever used it before, or even had a Godzilla kinda break up
P.s some ppl need that Godzilla kind of break up tho, like c'mon naw, they stalk you and things! You ever had a stalker before?
Shoot, Ive had one of my near relationships just become something else, like there was nothing I dint say, this guy wouldnt free me, until I ended up not picking his calls, not replying anything, just cut him out, n that ....STILL didnt work! lol
lemmi know what you think!