Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blue Strawberries...Yellow Mushrooms

Okay, once again I'm on this long ass night shift
and again, i did the coffee thing, well only cus I was sooo cold, and I dont want to add a flu to my list right now
I brilliantly added a Red Bull to the mix this time....Can you say...Are you mad? again?!
whats rather pathetic, is the fact that I'm still sleepy! Hiss!
And then some dude ( i dont know if he was trying to chat me up or just being nice sha) for like 30mins the dude was dulling me, ask me what he was talking about, I dont know!
Yes, I nodded and laughed and said, Oh' no~, Really?!, Wow!!' in all the perfect places, but mein, my eyes are open but my brain is shutting down, hiss again, Red bull gives you wings indeed!
Okay, I dont know why, but for a couple of months I havent written any poems, so I guess this is my ice-breaker poem!...

Blue strawberries
Like new stories that you've begun to fabricate
Are you kidding me? Do I look like a child to you!
Perfumes, lipsticks, underwear?
c'mon now?
I wrote the book, dont try to play wiv me
Blue strawberries
Like her name
Blue, like my heart
new...the stream of tears that I cry
so awful I feel inside
Trapped and unable to let my true emotions show
Blue, ice....
I fear that I'll just glaze over
New...become some creature that is similar to you
I mean, seriously?
Her? Over me?
I'm not even going to ask why!
Yellow mushrooms
in my hair
I slowly face reality
I feel like I've been smacked right down all the way to the bottom of the pit
Trapped again I feel, like my innermost fears and secrets are open to the world to see
Mushroom, mushroom
form a canopy above me that they may not see me
My heart is wrenching and I am forced to scream
thats all I can seem to do, just Scream
No tears, No tears, NO Tears!
I bit into this
and now its moist insides course through my insides and poison me
What is Love?
Who are you?
What have we done?
Yellow mushrooms, in my hair
I feel like a punk, a wimp, a loser
No tears no tears
Just silent screams, of a heart wrenched and poisoned by you.....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Boredom could i have left you for so long
mwah(all over my laptop screen, not your face!)
I was stuck in one of those houses where wireless internet is a myth and some stingy lil kid wouldnt share his computer...humph...My kids must learn to share, even if it means throwing 'time-out' away and bringing in 'the belt!'
Ah ah, it was bad, and the parents kept begging him in a way that irritated me, so i 'fashied' it all together.
Its 2:09 right now and I am at work. ALONE
Its a lil creepy too, I am in the student centre, huge huge place, all by myself, well save those wanna be nerd that are deceiving their lil minds that they are studying, hiss, when we all know they are on youtube!
Hiss, like why substitute ur warm bed to sit in this place and be on youtube!
Its actually my first shift and I think I ODed on the coffee, cus I have to be here till 8:30 in the morning!
What was I thinking, when I took this shift!!
Oh its raining too(just noticed!)
Lol, so Tim Hortons was closed and I had to go to 711 for coffee, I knew what I wanted when i got there, but omo when I saw their new flavours, I kinda got confused, so I ended up mixing like 3 flavours together
Cant even remember their names! Its not bad tasteing, thank God!
**Insert why am I pretending the coffee is working, I'm really bored right now, sigh*
I feel new, I feel different
The older I have gotten the better have become
Now, im a beliver that age has nothing to do with maturity or sense in general
but I am blue iced new!** (Note, sisnce I heard of D' banj's Koko success, I have started my own collection of possible money making phrases!!)
Mein, my dear bloggers, have you seen the preview of some ghanian movie, its called *heart of men* if you havent please refer to youtube, for I shall not taint my wall with such!!
I dont too care for African movies, cus they are annoying, mostly pointless, predictable, but you still watch it to the end cus you want to really be mad at the stupid ending, waste of my life I tell you!!
But this one movie, hm hm hm
I started out watching it and then my jaw dropped and and my eyes opened and all i could say was 'ghana, Ghana, GHANA!!' hey!
Infact Ima look fro the link! and post it on here!
Ghana is serious o, saw one of their movies, er, perfect picture, picture perfect, wasnt bad actually, they took their time and it was SCRIPTED, no Jim Iyke freestyling!!!!
FOUND IT! It got blocked on facebook, can you imagine! but I found it! Mu ha ha ha! lol
Its 2:47 now, just one random guy! There's this huge guy mopping up the space in front of me, hmmm, cant even ask you ppl 4 help, only God knows where you ppl are!
This man can bundle me in his arms and I wouldnt even know I have been kidnapped!!
2hours down, 5 to go.....
The used bookstore opens tomorrow morning and there are happy campers, nesting by the door, waiting for the best deals, na wa sha, Its 3 in the morning and they have their blankets and everything!
lol, wouldnt it be funny if they had like stoves, and stuff and started frying bacon while they waited, ha ha
Mein this coffee is wearing off, fake coffee, from 711!
think ima watch a movie, but what to watch
*if you havent realized it yet, im having a one sided conversation with you! maybe, hopefully, someone reads this before 8:30am, and suggests something!
Yay!!!! I just wrote a draft post and im loving it!! but it shall be revealed in its own time!! mu ha ha ha ha(711 coffee o, not me! sigh)
p.s isnt it funny how the time on this is 2:28pm? when I'm sure i clicked publish at 3:02am, im not even going to deal with that right now!
Blog time is a LIE, new conspiracy uncovered, once again, please blame this on the 711, coffee!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Love Like New Yam?!!!

Funny title, cus I dont even like yam, well unless its sliced super thin or pounded with some niiiice soup!
But dayum tho, new yam is sweet! Like it has its own festival!!!! which other food has?hmm, apart from the fishing festival, which i dont know why they have(rambling?)
But new love like new yam is sweet, you ever had new yam, it tastes like sugar's been added to it....
New love
You know, the phone calls from 9pm to 9am, who knew you could talk so long
I was once on phone till my phone was hot! You ever had one of those?
That smile on your face when the phone rings, even if your in mid sentence, arguing over the price of oil or NEPA lol, that smile creeps up, as you excuse yourself to a private place to talk
The texting, my goodness the texting
I discovered the art of texting under the table, texting without looking at the phone, 'qwerty' took a lil longer, but we did it!
New love like new wine
Sweet die!
The giggling, do you realize that to people around you, you'll look mad?
Just sitting there in your lil world, your phone vibrates, and your read what he sent and you just 'te he he he' in your lil corner and quickly text back!
Ha ha, new love like a new car
Tear rubber son-tin!
You know when you recline into the seat and run your fingers over everything new?
Start the car and listening to the engine purr, is like the very first kiss, slow in the beginning but as you push your foot on the accelerator is goes faster and faster and hotter and hotter till....
New love like champagne, leaves you all bubbly inside, all giddy and excited.
New love like everything new, you want to keep it under wraps
Ha ha, mein i know people that would peel off the cover on their phone or laptop till the thing vexes and comes off by itself
New love like everything dont want stains on it, hurry to wipe it off, you dont want anyone touching it 'anyhow!' if you dont like to remove your shoes b4 you walk on my carpet, dont visit me!
New love like everything new....
Fight for it!
New love never has to stop being new love!
Never has to be love with complicated arguments over where I've been and whose calling you so late, never has to be all this rubbish drama, doesnt have to be us breaking up cus we are no longer 'in love'
All this leads me to ask, what is love anyways? Have we just mistaken basic compatibility that should be settled as friendship for a reason that we should be together
Nature states that the more you talk to someone and actually give them a change a part of you begins to like them and adjust a bit of your being to theirs, is that what this is?
Are you in love?
New love like New yam.... would stop being sweet
new love like new wine.... go ferment, stop being sweet
new love like new car...get engine problem, stop being sweet
New love like everything new, the luster fades, it slips to the back of your closte
New love like new day all go spoil shey?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In the Mood 4 Love....

Continued from here.
She hissed
"something isn't right"
"not again Kira!"
"why woulnt he pick his phone? Tell me! There can only be one reason'
"And that would be?"
"that he is cheating?!"
"isnt it obvious?"
Tade, her best friend, from when the barely had teeth had had enough. She got these phone calls on a regular basis these days and as much as she loved her friend, it was beginning to make her tick
"what if he is busy?"
"doing what? Tade, what can it be that is more important than me?"
Tade sighed, if she hadn't known Kira all her life, she would have assumed she was just dumb and obnoxious, but her dear friend always had a knack for picking the worst kind of men.
"Kira not all men are the same"
"yea, sure, experience has taught me otherwise. This time, i'm going to be in charge of what happens"
"Kira, i think you should relax. He is different, and if you arent careful you will choke him and he will run away; right into the arms of another woman"
"what are you trying to say? Tade, is there something you want to say to me?"
Not again, she had a presentation on Monday and really wasnt in the mood to play Oprah to her friend
"im not trying to say anything, Kira. Dont take your anger out on me"
"what i am saying is, give him a little breathing space, c'mon, you've called him like 20 times today, He will call you back!"
She heard her friend sigh, that was a good sign.
'Tade, i dont know what to do, I love him, or think i do, but i dont want this one to slip away; i dont know what i'll do."
'what you need to do is relax'
"why dont you do this, go to the saloon and get your hair fixed, or your nails done, or go shopping or something."
'hmm, come to think of it, his parents are having some thing tonight, i dont really care for it but he'll be there fo sure. I should get my hair done for that, and pick some new cloths as well'
'Thanks Tade!!, you're the best!'
'Yea, sure!"
'Hey, why dont you come with me? please, please dont say no'
'I'll pay for everything, your hair, nails, cloths, whatever, please!"
She sighed, tough choice, this presentation, or free pampering.
"ok, sure!"
"thanks, i'll be there in a flash"

"Is she here yet?" He was tired of sitting in his mother's office, knowing that there was an attractive woman, a wall away .
"you know what,I have a lot to do"
Taking a wad of money out of his wallet, "give this to her, and have her get there before my mother freaks out"
Fate was cursed, for as he stood there, leaving a message with Bianca, the lady and her...
he would have said bodyguard, if there wasnt some facial resemblance, were walking out.
'Bye Bianca!! See you later!' she waved and pushed the door open.
Her voice was as divine as her face,
"Focus, damn it! Kira is the girl your with. Focus on Ki-"
The door chimed, she was back
'Hi Bianca, there's a car, parked behind mine, can you please get the owner to move it"
'What make is it?' she asked
"oh it was a midnight blue ferrari, license plates read..."
"my bad! thats my car!!"
She smiled and said something, but he was too into her smile to comprehend
'huh?' she stared at him quizzically
'hey, mister, don't you know its rude to stare?' Deremi hissed
He had been staring so hard that he hadnt noticed that her sister had come in as well.
'sorry, I'm really sorry'
'Bianca, get that stylist there, a.s.a.p ok'
He opened the door for them and followed behind frantically thinking of something to say to her,sound intelligent, anything.
'Hi, my name is Abbey'
She turned and gave him a look that made him wish he had shut up.
"Just tryna make some sort of conversation'
"whoo, you dont have to be so nasty Dupe!"
"Dupe!' perfect name"
She glared at her sister, ' lets go Deremi'
'Hi Abbey!, my name is Deremi, and she is Dupe!' she continued as if her sister wasnt there
'hi, nice to meet you!'
He looked at the car he was obstructing and looked back at her
Damn!! he whispered, she was some type of woman.
'I, really have to go, can you please, move your car?!"
'Im sorry' he smiled
"hope to see you around sometime'
"whatever man, will you just move your car?"
She got into her car and started the engine
'stupid man, to move car turn wahala' she hissed as she pulled out of the driveway.
"wow, someone is moody today!"Dupe chuckled as she fastened her seatbelt.
"Hm Hm hm, like ice cream on a hot day, I could just scoop him and eat him up!" she laughed
Dupe gripped the wheel, trying to force him out of her head.
I told you, that lying two timing....'
"chill, so the man cant talk to another woman?"
"There is no evidence that they are together you know! You over-react sometimes. It's obviously nothing!"
"you say its nothing, its nothing' she sighed as she pulled into the parking lot.
The door chimed as they walked in
"ah, aunty Kira, welcome!' the receptionist greeted.
"Oga Abbey just walked out a minute ago, did you see him?'
"Hi,Bianca, oh did he?'
"I didnt notice!' Is Stella here today, I need to make my hair and tell Lilly that she better gather my polish before get to that seat!!'
Bianca sighed and rolled her eyes as Kira went to sit in the main saloon
That women had zero respect, treating people like dirt, she was lucky Bianca never had to make her hair
She laughed to herself, the image of a bald Kira in her mind.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Not a Post................

Ok so this is how 06/09/09 played out:
Woke up at 7am, showered and got ready to take the sub all the way to the grey hound station(an hr away)
(with my cousin.)
My uncle surprised me by dropping us off, cutting commute by 45mins!!!
Got to the station, bought the tickets and then quickly walked to McDonalds to get the breakfast thing thing(i say that wen i really cant recall what its called!)
and for some weird reason my morning sickness kicked in
HAAAA, caught u!
I'm not pregnant o, just dnt do breakfast, or it'll make me sick, so my cuz did justice to mine(i think he myt have thrown it away tho)
DAMN...i regretted nt stuffing it in my bag(9ja aunty moment!)
i was feeling too fly to hv mcmuffin in my handbag!
the way hunger hooked me eh at appx 4hrs 25mins into the journey was no joke
arrived at my destination,yay!!
to be reminded that as you wonder North of Canada,it gets intrestingly colder!!
Still hungry here, but priority was to get my dear cuz in his Rez and all
Then we wondered around town small picking up school items...
and then we found food
btw this myt be my worst post!
Sha I'm writing in a state of extreme fulfilment!!!!
I'm sooooooo stuffed! I doubt that I can walk!
some lamb soup something like that and chinese ppl understand the language of soicy, damn i told them i wanted extra spicy and they had it soo hot i think i spoke a coupla words in chinese, teary eyed n all!!!
The food was suculent and sweet like DAMN!!
upon all, i only ate like half? i dont get it!Its not that im doing shakara 4 food o, just dnt eat!
Anyho me and my satisfied self shall finish watching breafast @ tiffany's n sleep!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In the Mood 4 Love.............


Dec 23nd 2002.
'You know, if you aren't going to answer your calls, you might as well just turn your phone off. If i have to listen to it ring one more time, I'll squash it' she hissed and more like fell into the couch than sat on it
Deremi was huge, and it wasn't because she ate a lot, ok maybe she did eat more than her fair share, but her sister had always been chubby.
'I just don't feel like talking to him right now, i know i am just going to get upset, one way or another'
'Then pass the phone to me, and let me squash it or squash him' she giggled, holding up her palms.
'Don't you think my palms are strong enough!' she chuckled and bit into her pie.
"Leave me alone, jo!"
' Dupe, i really dont like seeing you like this. I dont think that its worth all this jazz but ...' she stopped, seeing the flash in her sisters eyes
Holding her arms up she said, 'okay, mum and dad are out of town, no restrictions, although we have to bribe Danladi, but, its been so quiet, and you have been sooo depressing lately. Seriously, lets go out!get our nails done, get some ice cream...' she said battering her lashes.
As if on queue, her phone rang again,caller id, Mr x
she sighed,'Okay okay! Get my car keys from my room please'
A statement that should have made her sister squeal, but Deremi was too much of a lemon to.
'Excuse me?, if you haven't noticed i am rather heavy, too heavy if i must say to run up and down the stairs, we have maids you know! And i am not going downtown with you looking like that"
"please go upstairs and get ready, then get your keys and call me!!"
Sighing, she picked up her phone, 8 missed calls, Mr X
'out means out, get out of my head!' she said tossing the phone on the couch
An hour later, she and her sister were sitting at a spa downtown, getting their hair and nails done
An event that was not out of the ordinary, it was something they did to relax and get away from stress, usually followed by some ice cream and a movie.
But not today
Today, things were a little different, somewhere between the second coats of nail polish and having her hair styled, he walked in
No choir singing, though he definitely deserved some light from the skies zoning in on him.
smooth, suave, sexy, all the s's required to make a girl weak in the knees.
He smiled and said his courteous his and hellos and made his way to the back of the store, followed ogling eyes and watering mouths.
She smiled and played it cool, like she didnt notice him, like her heart didnt skip a beat, like her palms didnt go sweaty when he flashed his near perfect white teeth and mouthed hi!
He honked his horn, rather impatiently and yelled out his window to the car in front of his.
He hated it, when his mother disrupted his day to have him run errands to her saloon.
She needed him to pick up a stylist to make her and his sisters up for some silly cocktail his father was hosting
'Its green!!You can go now!' he yelled and honked again.
He let down the top of the car, to let in the summer air calm his nerves
Kira wouldn't be the happiest about his new change of plans
Damn, Kira.
He had met her at his mum's saloon, a couple of months ago, and why he still stayed in a whatever it was that they were in, he didn't know. He hadn't intended for it to go this far. He had just gotten into the country, bored and looking for something to play with when his mother shoved her in his face.
She had a body to die for, scratch that, kill for; she knew what to do to make his toes curl and she was intelligent , but she just didnt do it for him.
And now it was even more difficult to end than it was to begin, she was just too bossy, too over protective, too, everything!
He turned and parked in front of the saloon.
He chuckled to himself, he couldn't say he completely hated coming to the saloon, especially when his mum wasn't there
All those females, tearing him apart, when he walked in, simply divine!
The door chimed as he walked in
"Hey Bianca!' he smiled and greeted the receptionist
'is Tade here yet?'
"morning Sir, she was here a minute ago, but i sent her out to get something for me' noticing his frown she added, 'she will only be a moment, sir'
He sighed," i will be in my mum's office, call her cell phone and have her get here a.s.a.p'
" silly saloon girls' he muttered
Damn, Kira was going to be so pissed.
I should call her, go see her on my way home, I should...
His mind was racing with several thoughts that shut down as soon as his eyes met hers
He wasn't sure what it was that held him in her gaze, but he stood transfixed, looking into her eyes; time seemed to pause.
damn.....she was beautiful, no scratch that, divine, he was about to come up with another adjective for her, when his phone rang
He looked at the call id, 'Damn. Kira' , he cursed under his breath, and briskly walked into the office.
Sm' old I wrote, strated reading it and got really interested in the story, So September is The Mood 4 Love...Let's see if I can write another novel By blogging it!
Please be as honest as possible on the comments...Merci Bien!