Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blue Strawberries...Yellow Mushrooms

Okay, once again I'm on this long ass night shift
and again, i did the coffee thing, well only cus I was sooo cold, and I dont want to add a flu to my list right now
I brilliantly added a Red Bull to the mix this time....Can you say...Are you mad? again?!
whats rather pathetic, is the fact that I'm still sleepy! Hiss!
And then some dude ( i dont know if he was trying to chat me up or just being nice sha) for like 30mins the dude was dulling me, ask me what he was talking about, I dont know!
Yes, I nodded and laughed and said, Oh' no~, Really?!, Wow!!' in all the perfect places, but mein, my eyes are open but my brain is shutting down, hiss again, Red bull gives you wings indeed!
Okay, I dont know why, but for a couple of months I havent written any poems, so I guess this is my ice-breaker poem!...

Blue strawberries
Like new stories that you've begun to fabricate
Are you kidding me? Do I look like a child to you!
Perfumes, lipsticks, underwear?
c'mon now?
I wrote the book, dont try to play wiv me
Blue strawberries
Like her name
Blue, like my heart
new...the stream of tears that I cry
so awful I feel inside
Trapped and unable to let my true emotions show
Blue, ice....
I fear that I'll just glaze over
New...become some creature that is similar to you
I mean, seriously?
Her? Over me?
I'm not even going to ask why!
Yellow mushrooms
in my hair
I slowly face reality
I feel like I've been smacked right down all the way to the bottom of the pit
Trapped again I feel, like my innermost fears and secrets are open to the world to see
Mushroom, mushroom
form a canopy above me that they may not see me
My heart is wrenching and I am forced to scream
thats all I can seem to do, just Scream
No tears, No tears, NO Tears!
I bit into this
and now its moist insides course through my insides and poison me
What is Love?
Who are you?
What have we done?
Yellow mushrooms, in my hair
I feel like a punk, a wimp, a loser
No tears no tears
Just silent screams, of a heart wrenched and poisoned by you.....


ttlolla said...

cofee and redbullll........kai babe!

They don't stop me from sleeping too

Sir Scribbles II said...

coffee and redbull didn't keep u up? wat's in ur system gurl? if it was me i'd be throughout the week. I'm crap at judging poems but i think it's really nice. my email's

Devine said...

yay...merci bien
i dunno what to do wiv myself, if you see the drum of coffee sef, i shud be dancing on the table, but then again, its been a veeeeeery long day and 0 sleep

juiceegal said...

Devine is on a roll mehn...pele o...ur poem confused d hell out of me tho.

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

coffee and redbull?
did it taste good?

Devine said...

er...not really!!!
but it kept me awake for 7 hrs
so thts kinda good, n im just going to bed since gt off wrk! lol...ttyl