Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Boredom could i have left you for so long
mwah(all over my laptop screen, not your face!)
I was stuck in one of those houses where wireless internet is a myth and some stingy lil kid wouldnt share his computer...humph...My kids must learn to share, even if it means throwing 'time-out' away and bringing in 'the belt!'
Ah ah, it was bad, and the parents kept begging him in a way that irritated me, so i 'fashied' it all together.
Its 2:09 right now and I am at work. ALONE
Its a lil creepy too, I am in the student centre, huge huge place, all by myself, well save those wanna be nerd that are deceiving their lil minds that they are studying, hiss, when we all know they are on youtube!
Hiss, like why substitute ur warm bed to sit in this place and be on youtube!
Its actually my first shift and I think I ODed on the coffee, cus I have to be here till 8:30 in the morning!
What was I thinking, when I took this shift!!
Oh its raining too(just noticed!)
Lol, so Tim Hortons was closed and I had to go to 711 for coffee, I knew what I wanted when i got there, but omo when I saw their new flavours, I kinda got confused, so I ended up mixing like 3 flavours together
Cant even remember their names! Its not bad tasteing, thank God!
**Insert why am I pretending the coffee is working, I'm really bored right now, sigh*
I feel new, I feel different
The older I have gotten the better have become
Now, im a beliver that age has nothing to do with maturity or sense in general
but I am blue iced new!** (Note, sisnce I heard of D' banj's Koko success, I have started my own collection of possible money making phrases!!)
Mein, my dear bloggers, have you seen the preview of some ghanian movie, its called *heart of men* if you havent please refer to youtube, for I shall not taint my wall with such!!
I dont too care for African movies, cus they are annoying, mostly pointless, predictable, but you still watch it to the end cus you want to really be mad at the stupid ending, waste of my life I tell you!!
But this one movie, hm hm hm
I started out watching it and then my jaw dropped and and my eyes opened and all i could say was 'ghana, Ghana, GHANA!!' hey!
Infact Ima look fro the link! and post it on here!
Ghana is serious o, saw one of their movies, er, perfect picture, picture perfect, wasnt bad actually, they took their time and it was SCRIPTED, no Jim Iyke freestyling!!!!
FOUND IT! It got blocked on facebook, can you imagine! but I found it! Mu ha ha ha! lol
Its 2:47 now, just one random guy! There's this huge guy mopping up the space in front of me, hmmm, cant even ask you ppl 4 help, only God knows where you ppl are!
This man can bundle me in his arms and I wouldnt even know I have been kidnapped!!
2hours down, 5 to go.....
The used bookstore opens tomorrow morning and there are happy campers, nesting by the door, waiting for the best deals, na wa sha, Its 3 in the morning and they have their blankets and everything!
lol, wouldnt it be funny if they had like stoves, and stuff and started frying bacon while they waited, ha ha
Mein this coffee is wearing off, fake coffee, from 711!
think ima watch a movie, but what to watch
*if you havent realized it yet, im having a one sided conversation with you! maybe, hopefully, someone reads this before 8:30am, and suggests something!
Yay!!!! I just wrote a draft post and im loving it!! but it shall be revealed in its own time!! mu ha ha ha ha(711 coffee o, not me! sigh)
p.s isnt it funny how the time on this is 2:28pm? when I'm sure i clicked publish at 3:02am, im not even going to deal with that right now!
Blog time is a LIE, new conspiracy uncovered, once again, please blame this on the 711, coffee!!


Anonymous said...

That your shift na wa oo, Devine

I love my bed, i dont delude myself and go and sit on one cold chair, starring at an unfamiliar pc at uni.

Lets split that income o, as i am giving you moral support

Devine said..., my dear you will have to come n sit here wiv me o!
creey phone calls i have been getting eh!

Anonymous said...

Eeer, i dont think so.

I will just sit here and wait for you to finish.

That money alread has a budget. LOl

Get some sleep

chayoma said...

Night shifts...No way.

Saw the clip of Heart of men.
*eyes boggling out of sockets*
atleast i was home in the privacy of my room.
Ghanaian are taking it to another (porno) level....
And when they say not suitable..for 18 and under, they mean just that.

Time for me to start the broadcasting. Trust me n my big mouth

GaGa said...

omg...........dat ghanian ish was freaky.....
lol@d ppl camping out for used books...dey shud totally cook wyl dey wait

Fabulo-la said...

lol. My dear wharrahell are u on about?
That coffee must have been sth.