Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Love Like New Yam?!!!

Funny title, cus I dont even like yam, well unless its sliced super thin or pounded with some niiiice soup!
But dayum tho, new yam is sweet! Like it has its own festival!!!! which other food has?hmm, apart from the fishing festival, which i dont know why they have(rambling?)
But new love like new yam is sweet, you ever had new yam, it tastes like sugar's been added to it....
New love
You know, the phone calls from 9pm to 9am, who knew you could talk so long
I was once on phone till my phone was hot! You ever had one of those?
That smile on your face when the phone rings, even if your in mid sentence, arguing over the price of oil or NEPA lol, that smile creeps up, as you excuse yourself to a private place to talk
The texting, my goodness the texting
I discovered the art of texting under the table, texting without looking at the phone, 'qwerty' took a lil longer, but we did it!
New love like new wine
Sweet die!
The giggling, do you realize that to people around you, you'll look mad?
Just sitting there in your lil world, your phone vibrates, and your read what he sent and you just 'te he he he' in your lil corner and quickly text back!
Ha ha, new love like a new car
Tear rubber son-tin!
You know when you recline into the seat and run your fingers over everything new?
Start the car and listening to the engine purr, is like the very first kiss, slow in the beginning but as you push your foot on the accelerator is goes faster and faster and hotter and hotter till....
New love like champagne, leaves you all bubbly inside, all giddy and excited.
New love like everything new, you want to keep it under wraps
Ha ha, mein i know people that would peel off the cover on their phone or laptop till the thing vexes and comes off by itself
New love like everything dont want stains on it, hurry to wipe it off, you dont want anyone touching it 'anyhow!' if you dont like to remove your shoes b4 you walk on my carpet, dont visit me!
New love like everything new....
Fight for it!
New love never has to stop being new love!
Never has to be love with complicated arguments over where I've been and whose calling you so late, never has to be all this rubbish drama, doesnt have to be us breaking up cus we are no longer 'in love'
All this leads me to ask, what is love anyways? Have we just mistaken basic compatibility that should be settled as friendship for a reason that we should be together
Nature states that the more you talk to someone and actually give them a change a part of you begins to like them and adjust a bit of your being to theirs, is that what this is?
Are you in love?
New love like New yam.... would stop being sweet
new love like new wine.... go ferment, stop being sweet
new love like new car...get engine problem, stop being sweet
New love like everything new, the luster fades, it slips to the back of your closte
New love like new day all go spoil shey?


Anonymous said...

Thats when its fun, after that comes the usual lull, when 'the yam spoils'

Hope it lasts be-e

Devine said...

Ey,sweetchild,my new yam hasn't come o
lol,me I'm just chillin' away from this yam biz!!!

juiceegal said...

Chai new love mehn....its always like things r neva gonna change but den its been said dat d only constant thing in life is change. I enjoyed reading this.

Lady X said...

I love New Love. It's really sweet...
I love yam too! Reading this made me blush cuz I do some of the things you mentioned.

Devine said...

Juiceegal!!!!I've missed u o
wer 4 art thou!!!!

juiceegal said...

Blushes *with a shy face* dear iv been caught up with a lot of things..iv been readin ur posts though..hw u bin?? hope u're good??

Anonymous said...

Haha..Loved this! Nicely written.

~B~ said...

nyyyyyyyyc!! Lol, I lyk how u ended it with a wake up call

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

me enjoy, me likey...
nicely written and are you sure you haven't had that new yam yet? berra be honest or else...???

Devine said...

lol....David, ah ah, ur always 'or else-ing' in my blog
ha ha, or else what eh!!!
u never know, seems subconciously written

GaGa said... yam..yes its delicious love..ders nothing lyk it..feels lyk your high on your own special crack!!!! post