Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm a strong black woman
Battle scars born beneath
I'm a strong black woman
forging my way through stereotypes
Strong black
have no other option but be successful
Strong black
Must encourage myself through every disappointment
I'm all I have
I'm phenomenally me
Devine from the inside out
Must hold my head up high
in and out of love
broken hearted or not
must encourage myself
I'm a strong black woman

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Floating in my head.....

"Hello?"She knocked frantically yet pulling her coat tighter against the evening wind.
"Oh, poor thing must be a fright right now!" she sobbed.
It wasnt like him to wander away from home.
"Argh" she screamed as her pocket vibrated
"Is he home? Have you seen him? Josiah, are you okay?!"
A silent sob escaped her and the phone fell from her hands as she slipped into nonexistence.
"Hello? Brigitte please say something?"
A chuckle escaped her before she could hold it back.
"Hello? Stay right there, I'm coming to get you"
Three days she'd been searching for her son.
Three days she'd known his fate.
Three days she'd hoped otherwise.
Her son's headless body had been found floating in the creek.
Josiah.....Headless...floating in a creek.
How could she have been so careless.
"Oh my goodness, you'll freeze to death out here!"
Her body was cold and limp.
"Breath Brig, everything is going to be fine"
It sounded almost believable.
She chuckled again
"He must be cold. I didnt see him with a scarf. We should wrap a scarf around him and fix him some hot cocoa!"
"We will, as soon as we fix you some and get you all warmed up, we shall!"
"Oh my Josiah!" she crawled into a ball and wept.
"Do you think, she'll be okay?" Matilda asked as he got into the car
"I don't know!" she turned back at Brigitte.
"I doubt it!"
"She loved her son terribly."
"Remember what they said. She must never know!" she whispered
"Shouldn't I be telling you that? You have more at stake if she finds out than I do"
"Humph, I was only reminding you" she puffed.
"Yea sure! You stay on you game and I'll stay on mine!"
They stared at each other, neither trusting the other and neither saying a word about it.
Random story in my head, it continues, but I am at work and the phone is ringing off the hook and its distracting and rather annoying for me to pause between what I'm typing
Although, I am kinda glad that there's some activity in this shift!
Thanks guys for coming to me blog!!!
Been seeing some new 'faces', and liking their blogs as well
I'm doing a twist and turn tales series, basically its a bunch of random stories that tie to each other, so I need random story ideas, very random, so that the fun part is merging them all to make one sensible story!
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