Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One of those Days...

First of all, I would like to apologise for vanishing; I'm working on something**its a secret!**
When I'm done I'll reveal it to you!
Today is one of those days I wish I could swim
or I wish it would rain
not just any kind of rain, a Nigerian rain!!
I mean one of those thunder booming, lightening flashing, cool wind, air smelling heavy of rain evenings
To listen to the beady sounds as the rains fall on the roof.
One of those days when you actually want Nepa to ''Take light'' so you can enjoy the weather.
I want one of those days so bad
My mind is dense like a grey cloud, heavy with a storm brewing.
I wish like the rains that must be pouring now some where in the world I could find an answer to this distress.
Oh,please I am not depressed or nothing of that such!
I am a child burdened with the drive to succeed. Burdened to fame like a bee is to producing honey
I'm so restless with visions and ideas; i fear that I may explode
No longer!
I refuse to hide behind the shadows, in fear that my dream might be lost in the mist of the rain.
I so refuse to belittle myself in the fear that I may 'oppress', 'sound cocky', over-ambitious--WHATEVER
since when did that become a bad thing anyways?
There's absolutely nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't fell insecure.
Like a cloud, I'm puffed up, heavy, dragging my dreams along
My foot steps have become the thunder and my visions like lightening
My voice like cool wind
Oh, I apologize, if I have to be the 'Nepa' that shuts off electricity
I'm here now, and will be recognized
I'm raining
I'm pouring!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Response to 'My Type"--by Konfirmed yarnz

Is there any such thing as 'A type'?
My answer is yes; but maybe not use the word, 'type' I'll say preference.
A preference that is built up to a stage that it becomes a criteria to measure male or females by.
I believe I have a type.
'My type" so far is based on temperament.
I'd say the type best suited to my personality is some one who is relaxed, quiet, meticulous, detailed, realistic, and the list goes on and on!
I am very lively and vivacious; I'm like tiger in Winnie the pooh, I'm here there! I love to do(or attempt to in the least!) 20 things at the same time!
So far, id say that I love to be independent and to do what I want to, and I can only date someone who allows room for that.
Not a guy who is easy to walk over, but a guy who can warn me of impending danger and still allow me run even if it means that I'm bound to fall in a ditch 2feet away!
That's 'My type"!
'My type" is also influenced by my family. I cannot be with someone who cannot respect me and treat me the way the men in my life do.
My father loves me to nonsense, yet he allows me make my mistake and stands by me to help me get up.
I can't be with someone who makes me feel 'choked'!
Better suited to my personality is someone who is not as hyper as I am, we'll irritate each other. Is fun loving yes, but a little down the meter from me. I realize that the guys I have been attracted to and dated have been quiet, don't talk to unless they need to, realistic(and that works cus sometyms my head is faaaaar in the clouds), and all the other good stuff, kind, pays attention to stuff yare yara yara..(my version of etc!)
'My type" is also based on the effective communication of my love language. If you don't know about that please pause and google!
There are 5 love languages and anyone who know how to speak my language is my type i guess!
Then there's physical attraction, now I have met a lot of guys who say, I'm a booty person, I'm a boobs person, I'm a flat tummy person etc. As well as girls who say I'm a chubby guy person, I'm a skinny boy person, I'm etc.
I think that physical attraction is VERY VERY important, because no matter how much you like their personality of a person its something you have to deal with.
You feel personality, you look at physical!
I think you have to be satisfied with the physical aspect of your partner. I feel that dissatisfaction with this may be what often leads guys or babes to cheat.
I don't want to contradict myself, but feel the need to make this clear to guys and babes.
Physical attraction is important but but should follow some sort of personality compatibility. Too many times guys meet babes that are correct on the outside but their personality is just............... and babes too, you meet this chiseled Greek god that 3months after uses your face to work on his biceps!
So there, I hope I answered that, Komitilla...There is such a thing as a type!. You just have to figure out what works for you, and the reasons why. I do admit that there are some shallow opinions to it.
Ah, but what about those people who say, you know, you're not really my type but I think we work out fine.
My answer is that, you probably make up for it with your temperament or your love language, and when females say that they actually mean physical attraction.
Since there are two sides to a story and I did the piece 'Where have all the good men gone? Its only fair that I ask the question, Where have all the good women gone?! Watch this space!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Lights, Camera......Reality!!

It's here again people!!
Big brother Africa IV!
I happened to watch, OK I admit, follow, BBA 1, in which everyone unanimously agreed that Bayo(the dude that represented Nigeria), didn't do us too good.
Like the dude took cutlery, towels, etc from the house and when asked,(cus you know that the cameras see all!) he simply said, 'I thought they were mine to take' or something of the sort.
It reminded me of people who do that when they go to hotels and pack everything that wasn't listed on the billing sheet, and when asked they shrug and say,"i paid for it, now!'
There was also the issue of nudity in the first, some decided to bare all, some bathed in bikinis, only God knows what 4 holds
$200,000, I'm tempted to apply.
In between that and koko mansion!!
If you have a camera and a free room, please let me know, we can work sm out!
I'm serious!
Its like $1000/per month to get a really nice place, we get sponsors and stuff.
Lights, Camera....Reality!
Pa da pa pa pa......I'm loving it!
Do you know that that song came out in 03?
03! that's at least 6 years ago
Do you also realize that that's the same song Mc Donald uses in their commercials
Please do the math.
The tag 'I'm loving it!' has been used since the song came out and for every time its used, they have to pay Justin.
EVERY TIME! so as many commercials that Mc Donalds have, as many times they have to pay him
Let me narrow this down, every TV, radio, magazine and newspaper ad, that's has that line = Ka Ching to JT
SIX YEARS! and counting
Who do you think is lovin' it?!
Lights, Camera....Reality!
Whats going on in the world? Everyone is now a musician!
Like seriously!
Most of them at the expense of school! and whats worse is that they cant sing to save their lives.
I mean, I see a lot of people on their grind, who balance getting their degrees and doing what they love!
I had a conversation with a friend of mine from high school and she told me that she's 'you know, in the studio, you know! Putting a little sm sm, for the streets'
I sighed, 'for the 'streets' alright!
Whats going on!
Like there are people who actually say stuff like,' welll, p diddy didnt go to university look at how good he is doing!' ,'This is the hustle, mehn. I'm not going to spend my life in school, gotta burn tracks!
What rubbish!
Even if you can sing I beg you not to neglect education
If you have a talent or hobby, something that comes easy to you, work on it, maintain and improve it, but dont make your life about it; learn a skill, so that if anything happens, you have something to lean on.
We see it everyday, when an athlete hurts himself and then its a wrap!
Remember: There's the time for everything!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Standing On Needles...

Its amazing how you can wake up and be so certain of the flow of the day; especially if the days before have followed a certain tempo.
It`s amazing how when I woke up this morning, I didn’t expect to see a couple of my old friends.
These friends of mine and I go waaaay back.
I woke up this morning; same plans most mornings, brush teeth, pray, shower, have breakfast as I watch C.S.I, write, listen to music (I know it’s a lot!) nothing extra-ordinary.
Till sometime after the sun had set.
I heard someone knock at my door and I sighed.
See I have a nasty habit of wanting people to call before they show up at my door. I pretended not to be home, but they didn’t go away.
`Hold on’ I sighed again.
You can’t begin to imagine my shock and horror as I saw who stood before me.
`Well, don’t just leave us standing here!’ one hissed and brushed by me
In a stunned daze I shut the door.
`Hi, old friend! `
I didn’t realize it at the time but I was shivering.
`You didn’t look so excited to see us!` Another pined.
You see, these weren’t just old friends. Like I said we go waaay back.
Way back as in, we had this love hate relationship going on. They offered me protection of some sorts I offered them a place to stay.
`Cat caught your tongue? ` The third asked.
`What are you doing here?’ I managed to stutter eventually.
Before me stood, my old pals; Fear, Anxiety and Doubt.
They look at each other and then at me and laughed.
Anxiety grabbed my hands behind my back, doubt pinned me down while Fear simply lit a cigar and puffed in my face.
`C`mon, don’t be this way ` Fear chuckled.
`We used to be buddie buddies, now you act like you don’t know us. You don’t reply our messages, don’t call us back; what’s going on? `
Fear leaned so close to me that I could feel its clammy skin on mine and shuddered.
Anxiety pinched me, till l was forced to scream.
While doubt just ran its fingers through my hair.
`Please, let me go’ I whined.
Their eerie laughter chilled my bones.
`God help me` I sobbed.
Now I really got fear mad, it grabbed my throat and squeezed hard, repeating what used to be sweet lullabies in my ear.
Whispering words that had been my shelter my comfort zone, that had held our relationship together.
But somewhere between Fear choking me and Anxiety pulling me down; I remembered how I`d kept them at bay for so long; I remembered how we `broke up`
I remembered that they had no power to influence me, the only power they had, like any friendship, was the one I authorized them to have over me.
In one swift movement, like someone who possessed a black belt (in my mind!) I spun and drove my knee straight into Fears chin.
Pulled Anxiety from behind me and slammed it to the ground.
Now Doubt had always been the coward amongst them all, and was already at the door when I pulled it back by its hair, and slapped it. Mehn I slapped it!
I was furious, enraged, mad and a kung fu warrior!
How dare these creatures, these low lives, step into MY house and act like they were boss?
How dare me, even me, open the door and tolerate such nonsense.
I was MAD!
`Get out of my house!’ I yelled
And never come back!
Fear chuckled,’ you think this is over, dont you? You think you`ve won`
Anxiety and doubt had vanished at this time and Fear and I just stood face to face.
I’ll be back, you know you need me!`it said when I didnt reply
I laughed out loud and said `...
Please fill in the blanks with what you`d say to Fear, or have had to say to Fear!`

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cry-ied Till I Couldn`t Weep.

Tis' weird how you think you understand yourself, your body, your heart.
I thought i did
I was certain without a doubt that i did
but in three days, i have been proven wrong
In 60 seconds as i watched him turn and leave, i was proven wrong
My belly flipped, my eyes burnt and my throat threatened to explode.
Time froze and my feet wouldn't move, the wind tickled my eyes, till it had no choice but to confess the feelings of my heart.....
I cry-ied
I stood there, in the middle of nowhere
my heart constricted
my throat dry
breathe, my brain said....
but each breath caused a fresh tear
i stopped and asked my heart, why?
what this new development was
just like that...
He stepped into my life
and changed the outcome
In a trance i go about my day
cry-ing.. till i can weep no more
Ps: Thanks to all those who`ve visited, commented and follow my blog. I really appreciate it!