Monday, June 8, 2009

Response to 'My Type"--by Konfirmed yarnz

Is there any such thing as 'A type'?
My answer is yes; but maybe not use the word, 'type' I'll say preference.
A preference that is built up to a stage that it becomes a criteria to measure male or females by.
I believe I have a type.
'My type" so far is based on temperament.
I'd say the type best suited to my personality is some one who is relaxed, quiet, meticulous, detailed, realistic, and the list goes on and on!
I am very lively and vivacious; I'm like tiger in Winnie the pooh, I'm here there! I love to do(or attempt to in the least!) 20 things at the same time!
So far, id say that I love to be independent and to do what I want to, and I can only date someone who allows room for that.
Not a guy who is easy to walk over, but a guy who can warn me of impending danger and still allow me run even if it means that I'm bound to fall in a ditch 2feet away!
That's 'My type"!
'My type" is also influenced by my family. I cannot be with someone who cannot respect me and treat me the way the men in my life do.
My father loves me to nonsense, yet he allows me make my mistake and stands by me to help me get up.
I can't be with someone who makes me feel 'choked'!
Better suited to my personality is someone who is not as hyper as I am, we'll irritate each other. Is fun loving yes, but a little down the meter from me. I realize that the guys I have been attracted to and dated have been quiet, don't talk to unless they need to, realistic(and that works cus sometyms my head is faaaaar in the clouds), and all the other good stuff, kind, pays attention to stuff yare yara yara..(my version of etc!)
'My type" is also based on the effective communication of my love language. If you don't know about that please pause and google!
There are 5 love languages and anyone who know how to speak my language is my type i guess!
Then there's physical attraction, now I have met a lot of guys who say, I'm a booty person, I'm a boobs person, I'm a flat tummy person etc. As well as girls who say I'm a chubby guy person, I'm a skinny boy person, I'm etc.
I think that physical attraction is VERY VERY important, because no matter how much you like their personality of a person its something you have to deal with.
You feel personality, you look at physical!
I think you have to be satisfied with the physical aspect of your partner. I feel that dissatisfaction with this may be what often leads guys or babes to cheat.
I don't want to contradict myself, but feel the need to make this clear to guys and babes.
Physical attraction is important but but should follow some sort of personality compatibility. Too many times guys meet babes that are correct on the outside but their personality is just............... and babes too, you meet this chiseled Greek god that 3months after uses your face to work on his biceps!
So there, I hope I answered that, Komitilla...There is such a thing as a type!. You just have to figure out what works for you, and the reasons why. I do admit that there are some shallow opinions to it.
Ah, but what about those people who say, you know, you're not really my type but I think we work out fine.
My answer is that, you probably make up for it with your temperament or your love language, and when females say that they actually mean physical attraction.
Since there are two sides to a story and I did the piece 'Where have all the good men gone? Its only fair that I ask the question, Where have all the good women gone?! Watch this space!


juiceegal said...


juiceegal said...

Well i think u have summed it all up....there is such a thing as "type"
It is also possible for someone to start a relationship with another person that is not usually their "type" simply because that person makes up for it in other areas.
"Love language" i definitely need my man to be able to speak all that too much to ask???? lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha!
Devine it couldnt have been said any better.
Love languages?
*runs off to google...*
Ohhhhhhhhhh..y didnt I know about this before?...

funmi said...

The good women are right here... Look no further!!

Anyway I feel you jare. Me sef I have a type. #1 on that list is he has to be funny as hell... I love to laugh mehn so that's extremely important. And he has to be into me. And be a good person. The rest are negotiable but highly encouraged, lol

As for this love language you speak, hmmm.... odikwa interesting o


lol... ppl of a planet called bloggizzle.

my "my type" was refering to human beings alone, well relationships in particular.

sure there is no type... preference=better english...

if type existed most girls wont be daing or married cos 70% of girls dey want tall bois. fine bois e.t.c bois are if "type" existed my momsy wont be married and i wont exist. but instead. hmmm any one getting my point

9jaqt said...

i definitely think type exists because it is a standard that is set we set up for ourselves to meet, exceed or maybe reconsider when we find ourselves compatible wit ppl who do not fit within those standards. sometimes we have to lower some parts of the standard if the person compensates for it in another way. and at times, we accommodate people who are not our type because we might need to reconsider our standards or if we find out that our "type" typically ends in a bad way.