Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One of those Days...

First of all, I would like to apologise for vanishing; I'm working on something**its a secret!**
When I'm done I'll reveal it to you!
Today is one of those days I wish I could swim
or I wish it would rain
not just any kind of rain, a Nigerian rain!!
I mean one of those thunder booming, lightening flashing, cool wind, air smelling heavy of rain evenings
To listen to the beady sounds as the rains fall on the roof.
One of those days when you actually want Nepa to ''Take light'' so you can enjoy the weather.
I want one of those days so bad
My mind is dense like a grey cloud, heavy with a storm brewing.
I wish like the rains that must be pouring now some where in the world I could find an answer to this distress.
Oh,please I am not depressed or nothing of that such!
I am a child burdened with the drive to succeed. Burdened to fame like a bee is to producing honey
I'm so restless with visions and ideas; i fear that I may explode
No longer!
I refuse to hide behind the shadows, in fear that my dream might be lost in the mist of the rain.
I so refuse to belittle myself in the fear that I may 'oppress', 'sound cocky', over-ambitious--WHATEVER
since when did that become a bad thing anyways?
There's absolutely nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't fell insecure.
Like a cloud, I'm puffed up, heavy, dragging my dreams along
My foot steps have become the thunder and my visions like lightening
My voice like cool wind
Oh, I apologize, if I have to be the 'Nepa' that shuts off electricity
I'm here now, and will be recognized
I'm raining
I'm pouring!


Anonymous said...

Im here now and i will be recognized.

AMEN to that sister!
I claim that prayer jere..

MyOwnThINg said...

nice post...2nd..yep you disappeared!! bk2cya!!

yinkuslolo said...

miss. fab wrote that today is ur day of birth. happy birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday babes!!

miz-cynic said...

happy bithday!

BBB said...

happy belated bday..
hope ur day was fun

Anonymous said...

lol...nice post.first time here!!and yeah happy birthday!!

Devine said...

Thanks guys!!!!
Welcome leggy!!!