Friday, June 5, 2009

Lights, Camera......Reality!!

It's here again people!!
Big brother Africa IV!
I happened to watch, OK I admit, follow, BBA 1, in which everyone unanimously agreed that Bayo(the dude that represented Nigeria), didn't do us too good.
Like the dude took cutlery, towels, etc from the house and when asked,(cus you know that the cameras see all!) he simply said, 'I thought they were mine to take' or something of the sort.
It reminded me of people who do that when they go to hotels and pack everything that wasn't listed on the billing sheet, and when asked they shrug and say,"i paid for it, now!'
There was also the issue of nudity in the first, some decided to bare all, some bathed in bikinis, only God knows what 4 holds
$200,000, I'm tempted to apply.
In between that and koko mansion!!
If you have a camera and a free room, please let me know, we can work sm out!
I'm serious!
Its like $1000/per month to get a really nice place, we get sponsors and stuff.
Lights, Camera....Reality!
Pa da pa pa pa......I'm loving it!
Do you know that that song came out in 03?
03! that's at least 6 years ago
Do you also realize that that's the same song Mc Donald uses in their commercials
Please do the math.
The tag 'I'm loving it!' has been used since the song came out and for every time its used, they have to pay Justin.
EVERY TIME! so as many commercials that Mc Donalds have, as many times they have to pay him
Let me narrow this down, every TV, radio, magazine and newspaper ad, that's has that line = Ka Ching to JT
SIX YEARS! and counting
Who do you think is lovin' it?!
Lights, Camera....Reality!
Whats going on in the world? Everyone is now a musician!
Like seriously!
Most of them at the expense of school! and whats worse is that they cant sing to save their lives.
I mean, I see a lot of people on their grind, who balance getting their degrees and doing what they love!
I had a conversation with a friend of mine from high school and she told me that she's 'you know, in the studio, you know! Putting a little sm sm, for the streets'
I sighed, 'for the 'streets' alright!
Whats going on!
Like there are people who actually say stuff like,' welll, p diddy didnt go to university look at how good he is doing!' ,'This is the hustle, mehn. I'm not going to spend my life in school, gotta burn tracks!
What rubbish!
Even if you can sing I beg you not to neglect education
If you have a talent or hobby, something that comes easy to you, work on it, maintain and improve it, but dont make your life about it; learn a skill, so that if anything happens, you have something to lean on.
We see it everyday, when an athlete hurts himself and then its a wrap!
Remember: There's the time for everything!!


Be-e Warrior said...

haaa first
Lol @ you and big brother
tell us how it goes this time

Men Musicians have to do their thing
who are u to advise them to go to school as well .... lol

Talent is one thing (If you have it).... Use it... but have back up ..... We cant all be P.Diddy

Go on Gidilounge and see how many musicians are there along

We cant all be Dbanj and M.I

9jaqt said...

like u sed...if cool to hv a talent n cultivate it n all but wen ur parents r sending u to school wit such large amounts being paid for ur education...u would tink more ppl would put deir educations first. we can't All b rappers n singers

Lady X said...

Please tell them o. Please tell them. Cuz me I no fit tell them.