Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cry-ied Till I Couldn`t Weep.

Tis' weird how you think you understand yourself, your body, your heart.
I thought i did
I was certain without a doubt that i did
but in three days, i have been proven wrong
In 60 seconds as i watched him turn and leave, i was proven wrong
My belly flipped, my eyes burnt and my throat threatened to explode.
Time froze and my feet wouldn't move, the wind tickled my eyes, till it had no choice but to confess the feelings of my heart.....
I cry-ied
I stood there, in the middle of nowhere
my heart constricted
my throat dry
breathe, my brain said....
but each breath caused a fresh tear
i stopped and asked my heart, why?
what this new development was
just like that...
He stepped into my life
and changed the outcome
In a trance i go about my day
cry-ing.. till i can weep no more
Ps: Thanks to all those who`ve visited, commented and follow my blog. I really appreciate it!


HRM said...


funmi said...

I know the feeling babe... all too well

juiceegal said...

Awwwwww dnt cry......ul be fine
On another note maybe u need to get it out of ur system by crying,crying is good therapy for me.....ul be fine ok

Anonymous said...

Crying is therapeutic so let it all out

HRM said...

you want me to do sumtin about this guy for you?


Cyril said...

babe, all i can say to you is to stand strong...by being strong i dont mean you wont wanna cry at times but mehn someone once told me that no one is worth you tears and if theres anyone worth your tears, he wont do anything to make you cry...

Anonymous said...

Mehn...av we been there or what"
cry and let it out..Cry till there r no tears left..and then eat a pint of icecream from the tub with a glass of red wine...

works everytime...lol

Devine said...

aaaw,thanks juiceegal
n hrm, i got ur fone on speeddial!
brokeass, mehn, it works everytime!
i fancy some ice cream now!lol
cy, thanks sweet!