Sunday, May 31, 2009

Giggidi Giggidi

...GidI mE!
Gidi money, Gidi milk even Gidi hair!
Whats going on?
The meaning of Gidi( if it had any!) is lost to me.
I declare myself Gidiswagg!!lol...OK seriously though, I'm not even sure if Gidi is a prefix you want to your name!
I asked a couple of people and they told me to them, it means the hustling in Lagos.
Like pure water hustling and aba runs? hmm.
I don't want that kind of Gidi to my name!Doesn't sound quite progressive!
What I actually wanted to say today is that... takes a special person to be insulted without their knowledge; my mother once told me.
When she said that, I raised my brow and nodded, but now her meaning is unfolded.
How dare anyone make you feel less than you really are?
Well, it takes a special person to be insulted without their knowledge!
The only way you can be upset, infuriated, heart broken, etc, by what anyone says to you is only if it registers to you that you've been insulted.
Insults defined is to treat with gross insensitivity, insolence, or contemptuous rudeness; but could it also mean to be stereotyped, categoriezed, defined as something by someone for their own personal reasons?
I find it to be an insult to be judged before given a chance to introduce yourself.
I think for too long a lot of people have been insulted, and dont even have a clue!
A little while ago, I realised to my fury that I have been one of those; who foolishly belittled my potential all because someone/society/stereotypes defined a limitation for me.
Drew an invinsible line and decided that I couldnt cross it.
How dare anyone make me feel less that I really am?
but then like I said before, you can only be hurt by an insult if you realize that you have been insulted.
I challenge you, to scan through your life, and see if in any way
, you have also been insulted.


Nice Anon said...

speaking of this.. some dude insulted me at my clinical site. he proceeded to tell me that he will have me removed from the program if addressed him in that way again.( he likes to massage girls backs every time he walked by and I asked him why he always liked doing that) I simply asked if he was serious and when he said yes. I just laughed and didn't take offense but i bet you I am going to report that incident because NO ONE ever threatens me for whatever reason!

Devine said...

lol..EASY THO, pls dnt get fired!!
but serz, no one has the right!
but that sounds icky tho, be touching girls?hmm

Anonymous said...

i dunno if your explanation is necessarily the only one... it could be that if you do not allow anyone's opinion (insult) to affect you, you will not feel insulted. for example, i know that racism at work exists, but i choose not to let those limitations affect me - rise above it and move on, thus turning what could be seen as an 'insult' into an opinion. and we all know opinons are like a-holes, so dust that shyte off your shoulder and keep moving.

:D long one i know!

juiceegal said...

GIDI?? i just strtd hearin that word left right and centre,the full name sef is Las

Devine said... quite cleaer and obvious to see, n isnt so much an insult...but how abt stereotypes, what makes Obama so important?why did so many ppl pay attention to the elections? Or why do guys give girls an awkward expression wen they're in engineerin n neurology?
thts wht im talkin abt

RocNaija said...

Your mom is a smart woman.. but then most moms are..

The city is 'gidi, now you know where you can finnnd me!"

LasGidi = Lagos.. All that hustling gist is people trying to make a bigger story out of it. Same way NewYork is called the Big Apple..

Devine said...

i get the Las Gidi half of it, its the part wer ppl r making it a prefix to their names i dont get
like Gidipretty,Gidilove,Gidilicious
like really????

HRM said...

i dont see any problems with the GidI or any name anybody choses to give themselves..

jst saying...

Anonymous said... preety sure some of them gidis r jst mocking the whole gidi being razz n having some laughs with sure of gidimoney milk and me i duno y ur so bitter??? was all a joke to begin with..
u self think of ur life and wots makin this thin pain u like
ez babez..
n jst means uve lived or ur living the lagos life..lagos=gidi..i duno bout the pure water n so...its like warri=wafi

gray smiles said...

omg! u know me! thats so sweet... i am a gidi and if it means hustler, then i am one cos it takes a hustler to be truthfully successful and have a feeling of fulfillment. stop revolving ur life around what people choose to do with theirs. if i want to be a hustler that's my biz. gidi does not mean hustler, but if it did i would wear the name as proudly as i am wearing it now. do not write based on assumptions- u insult literature when u do. xoxo GIDI HAIR :D

Anonymous said...

i know who u r and nobody will give you the gidi flag to carry talk more about giving you the gidi and swagg flag. besides why would you want a name u so much despise. UR WRITING SUCKSSSSS...

Devine said...

eh eh
omg goodness!!
first of all thanks 4 expressing urselves, but i think you have it a lil confused, im not dissing the gidi name , at all! i only said its meaning is being watered dwn, n clearly made reference to ppls def of gidi n how if thts wht it meant then it made no sense!
i think whoever the 'anonymous' person is is VERYvery childish, thats very primary school!!
i agree with the first 'anonymous person, its a joke, n no, im not bitter!!

~funmi~ said...

It's funny how people come hating in a post that was all about being immune to hate! Na wa oh... free the babe now. Did she take your bread, ahahn! Hiss...

Abeg jare.. feel free to write whatever you want, it's your blog!!!

Devine said...

My exact sentiments funmi!
lol...its kinda funny tho!
i still find the second anonymous person funny tho

9jaqt said...

All of u dat r vexin r definitely part of d gidi trend and that makes me laugh. the one that killed me was the one talkin bout hu u r and no 1 will give u d gidi flag or swagg flag or w/e
well i hereby dub u gidiswag by the power invested in me by God Almighty and the city of LAGOS itself...hahaha
Lasgidi= lagos and the hustle and bustle synonymous to that city so it is pure hilarity that every1 and their mother is now a GIDI-sumtin.

my grl dis ur blog go start riot o..lolz

Anonymous said...

self acclaimed GIDIpresident A.K.A Gidibestie A.K.A GIDIboo A.K.A GIDInoodles A.K.A GIDIdaughter of my GIDIparents in the takes a smart person to know when something is obviously a joke,p.s GIDI means when something is original or correct just in case u don't understand something hip,something happening, i should know am yoruba and i speak my language. buhbyeeeee.

9jaqt said...

ur almighty gidiness..welcum.....gidi is not of d literal yoruba translation that means real it is a representation of the hustler mentality of lagos state as it is derive from the nickname lasgidi...your ignorance astounds me; that you call urself a name that u do not fully might b a jk but that doesnt mean the name has been overused and that is all d blog was about


Anonymous said...

9jaqt ur alittle bit on the daft side. Your the ignorant one, when people say lasgidi, people mean the correct state, it dosent represent a hustler mentality or whatever u say it is...i think u should do alittle research and come back and type because its obvious ur brain is nt at work.

Be-e Warrior AKA GidiFriendly said...

On Behalf of All Gidipple
am insulted
I couldnt say that with a straight face
did some pple even read the rest of the blog?
To anonymous that knows the blogger .... declaring who should have the gidiswagg name or flag ....are they paying you?
Please read the rest of the blog and go sit down!

9jaqt said...

my annonymous replier...i never sed it didnt mean the state i sed GIDI is DERIVED from lasgidi=lagos and the gidi part represents d hustle n bustle of the state.
damn it...i hate having to restate myself to laughable individuals.. DEVINE...IM DONE!!!

Anonymous said...

if you do not agree with the blog all you have to do is state it.
there is no need for these banter. obviously the offended readers are a part of the "GIDI MOVEMENT" and the fact that they seem to take the blog as an insult on their "movement" lend to the whole point of the blog.

9jaqt,u crack me up, luv ur responses and this has been fun

Ife said...

lol.....the offended readers are not part of the gidi movement
they are offended because their gidi names were jokes not a movement

And if Ms devine felt the meaning had been watered down, she should have gotten better examples to use than Gidi money, milk or hair, who were obviousli making fun of the whole gidi thing.

so now do u get it? and if u dont....sigh!!!

Devine said...

ok, first of all, where is the love ppl?
ife, i get it, it was not my intention to call anyone out in my blog, they r simply examples, and i am well aware that these ppl meant it to ridicule this `gidi` movement or whutever going on(hence, I called myself Gidiswagg!!), but at the time that i drafted it, those wer the names in my mind ok.
are we all good now?
i must say tho , watch out 4 my next post! wink

MyOwnThINg said...

nice post...crack me up..gidi??? I was in d same boat wen i first heard it frm ma cousin Tom...

- c e r e a l - said...

I really dont fink the exchange of names is necessary...Be-e was expressn herself and she did so without calling names so i feel if you wanna express yourself, you shud be able to do it without calling names or exchanging insults...not cool.
Be-e I feel you down to da bone...nuffn do you "Gidiswag"..lwkmd

Anonymous said...

Yh it seems like everyone wants to be swag.... or gidi... it's really getting annoying
s 4 the insulting part very gd points...Love ur blog

Anonymous said...

Gidi is the short form of Lasgidi = Lagos...although, people have gone on to define it to suit them.