Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bleeding Rose...

...Bleeding Hearts
I'm stuck at cross roads.
I really shouldnt do this to myself.
See, I have been here before.
My heart feels as though it exists no more
How much i can take? I really do not know
My emotions are grated as I listen to yet another song, asking me, you and the world what love is?
Damn, I feel like I should weep for the death of love
What is love?
Is it this?, Me in tears while my heart silently bleeds?
silently screams
silently weeps
Argh, take it out, I want an antidote to this poison
Yes, poison!
We all need love but yet it works like a double edged sword!
One minute in pure bliss, the next in sincere pain and torture.
My sunshine is gone and I want it back!
Damn, I want it back
This, this house is empty, this lfe is an illusion simply because you're not in it anymore
My life is in shades of grey and black without you in it.
There, i said it!
Love, like a weed has made its way into my life and I cant get it out.
Crawled into my heart and under my skin.
Dont want it out.
What is love?
I know! I know what it is!
It's how even though you get on my every last nerve, I'm going to call you right after I am done writing this
It's in your laugh
Its in the way you say my name. It's the way you talk me through my fears.
Its in how I know i can count on you
I know, i know!
Its in how you overlook my flaws.
Its in your tender kisses
Its in the sun, the rain the snows and the storms, as you wrap your hands around me and vow never to let me go!
Its slow dancing to my favourite songs with you in the rain!
Its in who you are and what you mean to me
My sunshine is gone, please, please come back!
(post inspired by, whats love-Ayo, Pulling me back-MI and Darey-No stars)


RocNaija said...

I saw the influence of the last two songs.. but haven't heard 'whats love' yet..

Devine said...

i only heards MI's pulling me back yesterday
It was too good for me not to write about
plus its becoming a huge phenomenom, this confusion called relationships!
everyone is confused!

funmi said...

Amazing as always! I think I'm your biggest fan, lol. You should be paying me oh...

Anonymous said...

*...I feel like I should weep for the death of love*
true true..

Ok maybe I should go n listen to all those songs before i comment...