Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Somewhere in-between, B.E.T repeating Diary of a mad black woman for the billionth time(if that is grammatically correct, I don't know!) and me deciding to watch Phat Girls, (please don't ask me why!)
I began to pull on my hair and scream, SHOOT ME PLEASE!
The horror, oh the horror!
To begin with, Phat girls!!
Mehn, i regard that movie as an insult to Nigeria on sooo many levels, if i knew who to sue, I'll be filing it now(if you know, tell me, I'll split the money with you)
Yes, I know, i brought this hurt and pain upon myself, by looking for the movie in the first place!
This boy had, 'I need you for green card' written all over him.
And then she asks him, "oh hope you're not doing this for a green card and mugu would have said yes, shey?
Nonsense, upon rubbish!
Then there is the fact that the men speak lousy Yoruba, and then call it 'Nigerian' in the subtitles.
Then at the restaurant where he proceeds to massacre a fish does he explain that, Fish heads are a huge delicacy in Nigeria;FISH HEAD?, like really, have you ever heard anyone say; please eat the entire fish, but leave me the head, yum!)-
THEN he claims that fish eyes are specially left with the fish head-for the men, because it gives men extra stamina.
What rubbish!
Fish Eyes, why don't we just buy him a basket of those things, huh?!
Why am I doing this to myself?
I really do not know!
so, then I say enough with this and shut down!
Then B.e.t and repetition!
sigh.....need i say more?
no, seriously, need I?
I actually really like that movie (Diary of a mad black woman!) on a number of levels, cus she experienced some hurt!
It goes to show that forgiving, isn't only about letting whatever hurt someone lay on you go but forgiving yourself as well.
My mum always told me that not forgiving someone is like retarding your own growth.
So many times, when people hurt you, they don't even know, and go on with their lives but YOU carry the pain and hurt like a sack of potatoes!Rotten and stinky, you carry it everywhere and it begins to grow on you and you become that which you hate!
Just had to put that out there.
I think I need to go to bed!


Anonymous said...

I never got around to watch the movie, phat girls but i keep hearing about some extremely silly lines that do not represent nigeria;like nigerian men liking them biggggggggg.
Full of nonesense

Devine said...

seriously, you'll start out in a good mood, and you'll just keep sighing and hissing! all the way to the end
they make it seem as tho...
you have to watch it!

~funmi~ said...

I've been in the refusing to forgive boat before. I still am actually if I think hard about it, but I can't help it. But I agree with your mum that it retards your growth. Even though I personally could give a sh*t about this person now, the mere fact that I can't get over what they did already inhibits prayer time. That's a major issue.

And Phat Girls... I could say so many things about this movie, but I'll say this: WTF AT THE FISH????? Are people seriously this ignorant and close-minded??? Damn!!

Funms-the rebirth said...

i dont even want to get started on Phat girls........ If only i knew who to write a letter to also.......... and the outfits, the accent???????? geez!

Nice Anon said...

Forgiving whoever hurt you is the most important thing. Forgiving yourself is another huge one.

RocNaija said...

Hehehehe... "please eat the entire fish, but leave me the head, yum!)-"

You're funny.. More like the head goes into the bin first..

Haven't seen the film before so can't make an educated judgement.. But from the sounds of yourself and Funms.. I didn't miss much.