Tuesday, May 26, 2009

If you don't know what to do with your money...

...Please give it to me!
I saw it as someone's status on face book a couple of days ago.
To begin with, I'm not a face book status hunter! Or anything, but I just happen to bump into these things!
OK, so back to what I was saying
It seems that the 'new thing' is to be a dumb spendthrift!
Yes, I know, the economy is hanging on by threads and we all are advised to spend spend, spend!!
Travel! buy, buy, buy and buy some more!!
But in the middle of all this, I am very sure that there are rather sensible things to invest in.
I mean, seriously
Popping Bottles, queuing in lines from one party to the next soaked from head to toe in much known labels, it’s simply ridiculous! I have seen people shivering like crack heads in the dead of winter to get into a party, for freaking what?!
It saddens me, that this attitude is common amongst students.
That's why I say it’s down right disrespectful!
In this economic time in which foreign currencies to a dollar are astronomically ridiculous, it’s downright inconsiderate to parents, when their children spend their hard earned money on what? Moet, Hypnotic that you piss out! I said it!
No beef required to this post,please.
I'm not beefing anyone and I'm not hating on anyone;I have money of my own, thank you very much! But seriously!
I am infuriated by the nonsense that this is becoming.
People, daily are subscribing to different levels of unnecessary vanity.
Don't get me wrong! I'm not saying don't take care of yourself, don't, buy good things for yourself but be aware of the line.
Be considerate to remember that there are people less fortunate than you are and that there's a tomorrow that can be saved for.
If anything, start a business!
In my life, I have met very very rich people, and find it rather fascinating that empty barrels make the loudest noise, if you know what I mean!
The richer you are the less you have to say anything about it it shows!
Just recently, I was speaking to a group of people and we were talking about funding charities; the amount required was between $5-$20; no scam to fund tuition, accommodation and health supplies for children and the reaction I got was stunning.
I was told that the tough economic times did not help for charities, in fact they themselves had become charity cases; I sympathized with them and wished them better circumstances in future.
What shocked, hurt, infuriated and inspired this post was no less than three days after this discussion, I saw their pictures at an even that cost no less that $20 to get in and the least expense for the night would have been approximately $100-$200 that's if they had been modest!
Where is the line?
Where do you stop having a heart, neglecting all, so that people would see you as some big shot!
What makes you 'big'?
What makes you strong is not the silver and gold you have stuck up in your wallet!
It's you ability to care!
No one remembers! I assure you with every ounce of blood in me; that no one will remember the 'baller of the year', 'the person with the most swag', ten years from now, no one will!
Society, life, nature, appreciates those who care, who remember other people!
Look around you, there are people, your age and younger who have taken the same amount of money and chosen to make a difference!
I heard of a young lady in Hamilton, that started an orphanage, groups of ladies in Windsor On, some dudes over in the States somewhere, as well. They don't have two heads, no they aren't mutants, nor did they win the lottery, they just remember to care!
My life. Every breath I take, is to make a difference to something, to someone. My swagg is in knowing that when I die, people can stand over my grave and say that their life is changed because I existed.
If you don’t know what to do with your money, and have it in excess, please...


juiceegal said...

OMG how come i hvnt come across ur blog b4?? r u new or smthin??
These are my sentiments exactly....all dat poppin of champagne and moet irritates me,and the most annoyin part of all is that they call it "swag" swag ko swag ni.........hissssss
There are a thousand and one things to use money for,nobody is askin dem nt 2 go out nd have a good time but please have common sense and spend like someone that has a brain,somebody's argument one day was that they can afford 2 spend and i am just a hater.HATER??? ME?? that statement was laughable at best cz God knows i cld go the stupid route and spend like a fool but i have more sense than that.

juiceegal said...

First time here,i love ur blog babe and thanx 4 stoppin ova at mine

Devine said...

I started out in november, cus some1 suggested it.
Then i tore it down cus it wasnt really me
and started again, in april
so im fairly new!

MyOwnThINg said...

welcome 2 blogville...nice post. ta much 4 ur comment. lemme knw how 2 help. have a nice day x

HRM said...

deep girl...deep
and hurtfully true too!

bring more bring more...