Saturday, May 23, 2009

People Tell Me that I've Changed...

...But the truth is that I've stopped living my life their way.
I just caught that on someone's face book profile and it was too hot for me not to write something about!
In a weird way, it had my name written all over it, because recently I have heard people say that to me, a lot.
Some say that I have suddenly become to pompous to ride in their crowd, some say that I have gone cold, some say, some say; but bottom line is that I have changed, and there's no denying that.
Indeed, the saying is true that people denounce what they cannot comprehend.
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a draft to that. A post, very similar to this topic line.
The original title was `My Apology'.
I felt that I needed make a formal apology to everyone that feels that I have in some way disappointed them, hurt them, become too 'big' for them-whatever!
It’s no fault of yours to be upset with me, for I have indeed spent too long trying so hard to be everything to everyone, that when I suddenly pulled the brakes and stopped; it must have shocked you.
I realize that the only person I can be is me!
I'm treating myself with severe importance, for if I don’t, no one else will!
I have lived life, putting people first, and always been placed somewhere irrelevant on their list, and now, I simply have pulled the brakes
Yes, indeed, this is My Apology!, for all those who I have stretched myself thin for, and suddenly stopped, for those who I used to call everyday and make sure they’ve had three meals and a warm place to sleep, for all those who I have held tissues for and given my shoulder for them to cry on, for all those who I was strong for through their weak times, and now it seems I am no more.
No, it’s not that I stopped caring.
No, it’s not that I dislike you, or that you've upset me.
None of that!
It is that I discovered that I need me too; I need to be there for me.
I have changed
Damn I have changed, but the truth is that I've stopped living my life YOUR way!


Elias Kudzai Manyara said...

darling, the only change worth making is worship the rest, people just have to suck it up,,,,,you good theway you are, with no apologies!!!! and btw go away, lol

funmi said...


Awesome post. I totally feel you on living your life for yourself... Been there and lived through the comments/insults etc. Only difference is I didn't make any apologies. Maybe I should've... Oh well...

Anonymous said...

Great write girl...
One hard lesson we all need to learn at some point...
Like Beyonce said...Me myself and I is all I've got.

Devine said...

Thanks 4 the comments guys
True, it comes down to you, i guess
You're the only one you can trust.
I'm learning to love me first and then people not the other way around!

HRM said...

deeep sturves...i am not mad at that
as long as you keep in touch