Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Love me Like it was made for us.....

I had the most- I don’t know what word or phrase, powerful, intense, mind-blowing weekend ever.
I had an encounter with God.
Face to Face, one on one encounter.
It isn’t my first time, experiencing this, but as with the first time, I learnt so much about myself and about God.
It’s amazing how people run away from God, amazing.
For simplicity I'll like to put them in two or three groups.
The group who blame God
Have you ever heard people say, if there is a God, why is there so much evil in the world; if there is a God, why doesn’t He stop evil from happening?
Well to begin with, who is responsible for evil and what is evil and what exactly should God stop?
Deep breath!!
Everyone has a choice. God gave man this thing called free will, which means that I have a choice over the words I speak to people the extent of my anger, etc.
People have a choice, so okay maybe it isn’t so black and white, right?
So why is there so much evil and why doesn’t God stop it?
Well, I believe wholeheartedly that there’s a devil that seeks the destruction of man and would stop at nothing to hurt God.
I use a basic transitivity equation.
God loves you
Devil hates God= Devil hates you
Then I hear people say why doesn’t God stop evil from happening, but what exactly is evil?
Well by definition, it is a broad term used to describe intentional negative moral acts or thoughts that are cruel, unjust, or selfish.
Hold it! Please tell me you noticed the thought part of the definition.
So say I thought about shooting someone, or telling a lie, or cheating or stealing whatever;l if God is to stop all evil, where should he start from , my thoughts or wait till I do them?
I don’t get it, how can you do something and then blame God, I don’t get it. People choose daily to commit evil, yet become so self righteous when evil is done to them, and then blame God.
Then there are those who genuinely have faced unjust evil; the death of family, rape, etc, and have done nothing.
I totally understand why one would say something like, why didn’t God stop it from happening.
Well like I said before, God genuinely doesn’t intend for bad things to happen to people.
Life is life in the sense that people will die at their appointed time, how and when, I don’t know, but they will.
But the reaction is what is critical, the devil is more than overjoyed when people blame God. It’s a lie. I know more than anything that it’s a lie.
I'll stop here for now, but I’ll say something and I'll repeat it over and over.
You only have one life to live and in it a significant choice to make, more important that any you'll ever make.
When you want to go on a vacation, you check out hotels to stay in, routes to go through, restaurants to eat in etc; but it’s amazing the little research carried out on where you'll spend all eternity.
Here it is----There's a God, who loves you and wants everything to be good for you; wants to bless you and make life just smooth and amazing.
And then there is a devil that hates you with hatred you'll never understand, wants to deceive you and harm you.
It come down to this, what’s your choice, whose side are you on?
It’s that simple!
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