Monday, May 11, 2009


Have all the good men gone?
Is there any such thing as a good man anymore, or do we just settle for whatever we can find now?
I am one of those who believes that in the world exists a perfect gentle man, no, perfect gentle men like pearls, slowly with time crafted to perfection by sensible parents.
I believe it’s true!
But there's a growing crisis in which these few, very few are becoming extinct, and then the question

Where are they? What's happening to them?
Well, like in every extinction, there are huge Godzilla like females that tear these poor things to shreds.
Breaking a heart isn’t good enough for this Godzillas, no. They totally annihilate every last piece of good in these rare breeds.
It’s serious.
Just this morning I was chatting with a good friend of mine and I realized that I had watched him grow from a shiny white pearl to a dull spray painted clone of himself.
What are women doing to good men?
I find them confusing, females. I honestly think that they do not know what they want!
Who finds a good thing and rather than cherishes it, vandalizes it?
Worse then is the fact that they prefer to coast with notorious heart breakers and then cry in the end.
I’m alarmed and upset.
Where are all the good men?
Day after day, I receive alerts of the death of another good man.
A man whose life principles are, to be honest, kind and faithful. To be loving, tender and sweet. To shower his mate with gold, rubies and pearls.

And what's wrong with that?
But it seems that females these days have traded their knight in shiny armor for grandfather clock wearing flava flavs!
So therefore, I am pleading with the Godzillas of this world.
Please leave our knights alone. If you meet a knight, cross the road! If he tries to talk to you, run!
Run and consume the gutter rats and leave the caviar for people who know what to do with it.

Why make good females suffer for your damage? Do you know what they have to do to undo the damage that you Godzilla's have caused?

In my opinion every 'playur', notorious heart breaker, cold as ice man that exists in this life was once a sweet lil old gentleman that bumped into a Godzilla!

So I beg you, Please, I refuse to mourn the death of another good man.
And please the few good men left do not give up!

I know it hurts to trust, love, be faithful and true, sweet and pure, and have someone take that for granted and treat you unfairly, but please do not change who you are!

There are pearls like you out there, who will math you love for love, trust for trust!

Please keep fighting the good fight, till you meet your identical pearl.


HRM said...

i love this post!
i hate the Godzillas though...

keep it up o
i am watching this space

Mz. Eniola said...

pretty good post!x lool@ Godzillas

Anonymous said...

Lool... So true. But for a generation like ours... What can we do? Morals and values have been inevitably misplaced and the virtues that were once adored and complemented have gone under. Now, gentlemen are not even appreciated or given attention. Leaves we guys thinking... is it really worth it? Even when the values are still deep and prominently available, we choose to go the other way because nobody seems to appreciate the values anyway.

Anonymous said...

I love love love this post.
I havent heard put in such a precise way...

God please keep d godzillas away from my own man o!
Good job.