Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In the Mood 4 Love....

Continued from here.
She hissed
"something isn't right"
"not again Kira!"
"why woulnt he pick his phone? Tell me! There can only be one reason'
"And that would be?"
"that he is cheating?!"
"isnt it obvious?"
Tade, her best friend, from when the barely had teeth had had enough. She got these phone calls on a regular basis these days and as much as she loved her friend, it was beginning to make her tick
"what if he is busy?"
"doing what? Tade, what can it be that is more important than me?"
Tade sighed, if she hadn't known Kira all her life, she would have assumed she was just dumb and obnoxious, but her dear friend always had a knack for picking the worst kind of men.
"Kira not all men are the same"
"yea, sure, experience has taught me otherwise. This time, i'm going to be in charge of what happens"
"Kira, i think you should relax. He is different, and if you arent careful you will choke him and he will run away; right into the arms of another woman"
"what are you trying to say? Tade, is there something you want to say to me?"
Not again, she had a presentation on Monday and really wasnt in the mood to play Oprah to her friend
"im not trying to say anything, Kira. Dont take your anger out on me"
"what i am saying is, give him a little breathing space, c'mon, you've called him like 20 times today, He will call you back!"
She heard her friend sigh, that was a good sign.
'Tade, i dont know what to do, I love him, or think i do, but i dont want this one to slip away; i dont know what i'll do."
'what you need to do is relax'
"why dont you do this, go to the saloon and get your hair fixed, or your nails done, or go shopping or something."
'hmm, come to think of it, his parents are having some thing tonight, i dont really care for it but he'll be there fo sure. I should get my hair done for that, and pick some new cloths as well'
'Thanks Tade!!, you're the best!'
'Yea, sure!"
'Hey, why dont you come with me? please, please dont say no'
'I'll pay for everything, your hair, nails, cloths, whatever, please!"
She sighed, tough choice, this presentation, or free pampering.
"ok, sure!"
"thanks, i'll be there in a flash"

"Is she here yet?" He was tired of sitting in his mother's office, knowing that there was an attractive woman, a wall away .
"you know what,I have a lot to do"
Taking a wad of money out of his wallet, "give this to her, and have her get there before my mother freaks out"
Fate was cursed, for as he stood there, leaving a message with Bianca, the lady and her...
he would have said bodyguard, if there wasnt some facial resemblance, were walking out.
'Bye Bianca!! See you later!' she waved and pushed the door open.
Her voice was as divine as her face,
"Focus, damn it! Kira is the girl your with. Focus on Ki-"
The door chimed, she was back
'Hi Bianca, there's a car, parked behind mine, can you please get the owner to move it"
'What make is it?' she asked
"oh it was a midnight blue ferrari, license plates read..."
"my bad! thats my car!!"
She smiled and said something, but he was too into her smile to comprehend
'huh?' she stared at him quizzically
'hey, mister, don't you know its rude to stare?' Deremi hissed
He had been staring so hard that he hadnt noticed that her sister had come in as well.
'sorry, I'm really sorry'
'Bianca, get that stylist there, a.s.a.p ok'
He opened the door for them and followed behind frantically thinking of something to say to her,sound intelligent, anything.
'Hi, my name is Abbey'
She turned and gave him a look that made him wish he had shut up.
"Just tryna make some sort of conversation'
"whoo, you dont have to be so nasty Dupe!"
"Dupe!' perfect name"
She glared at her sister, ' lets go Deremi'
'Hi Abbey!, my name is Deremi, and she is Dupe!' she continued as if her sister wasnt there
'hi, nice to meet you!'
He looked at the car he was obstructing and looked back at her
Damn!! he whispered, she was some type of woman.
'I, really have to go, can you please, move your car?!"
'Im sorry' he smiled
"hope to see you around sometime'
"whatever man, will you just move your car?"
She got into her car and started the engine
'stupid man, to move car turn wahala' she hissed as she pulled out of the driveway.
"wow, someone is moody today!"Dupe chuckled as she fastened her seatbelt.
"Hm Hm hm, like ice cream on a hot day, I could just scoop him and eat him up!" she laughed
Dupe gripped the wheel, trying to force him out of her head.
I told you, that lying two timing....'
"chill, so the man cant talk to another woman?"
"There is no evidence that they are together you know! You over-react sometimes. It's obviously nothing!"
"you say its nothing, its nothing' she sighed as she pulled into the parking lot.
The door chimed as they walked in
"ah, aunty Kira, welcome!' the receptionist greeted.
"Oga Abbey just walked out a minute ago, did you see him?'
"Hi,Bianca, oh did he?'
"I didnt notice!' Is Stella here today, I need to make my hair and tell Lilly that she better gather my polish before get to that seat!!'
Bianca sighed and rolled her eyes as Kira went to sit in the main saloon
That women had zero respect, treating people like dirt, she was lucky Bianca never had to make her hair
She laughed to herself, the image of a bald Kira in her mind.


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LOOL, tade needs t chillax small sha...nd bianca is wicked! bald??! teheehee..

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Am loving these characters, Tade is loosing this one already

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love this...WOW!!!
and i think the girls above meant to say Kira

Devine said...

me to i was wondering
I went back and read it again, cus tade is kinda random!