Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In the Mood 4 Love.............


Dec 23nd 2002.
'You know, if you aren't going to answer your calls, you might as well just turn your phone off. If i have to listen to it ring one more time, I'll squash it' she hissed and more like fell into the couch than sat on it
Deremi was huge, and it wasn't because she ate a lot, ok maybe she did eat more than her fair share, but her sister had always been chubby.
'I just don't feel like talking to him right now, i know i am just going to get upset, one way or another'
'Then pass the phone to me, and let me squash it or squash him' she giggled, holding up her palms.
'Don't you think my palms are strong enough!' she chuckled and bit into her pie.
"Leave me alone, jo!"
' Dupe, i really dont like seeing you like this. I dont think that its worth all this jazz but ...' she stopped, seeing the flash in her sisters eyes
Holding her arms up she said, 'okay, mum and dad are out of town, no restrictions, although we have to bribe Danladi, but, its been so quiet, and you have been sooo depressing lately. Seriously, lets go out!get our nails done, get some ice cream...' she said battering her lashes.
As if on queue, her phone rang again,caller id, Mr x
she sighed,'Okay okay! Get my car keys from my room please'
A statement that should have made her sister squeal, but Deremi was too much of a lemon to.
'Excuse me?, if you haven't noticed i am rather heavy, too heavy if i must say to run up and down the stairs, we have maids you know! And i am not going downtown with you looking like that"
"please go upstairs and get ready, then get your keys and call me!!"
Sighing, she picked up her phone, 8 missed calls, Mr X
'out means out, get out of my head!' she said tossing the phone on the couch
An hour later, she and her sister were sitting at a spa downtown, getting their hair and nails done
An event that was not out of the ordinary, it was something they did to relax and get away from stress, usually followed by some ice cream and a movie.
But not today
Today, things were a little different, somewhere between the second coats of nail polish and having her hair styled, he walked in
No choir singing, though he definitely deserved some light from the skies zoning in on him.
smooth, suave, sexy, all the s's required to make a girl weak in the knees.
He smiled and said his courteous his and hellos and made his way to the back of the store, followed ogling eyes and watering mouths.
She smiled and played it cool, like she didnt notice him, like her heart didnt skip a beat, like her palms didnt go sweaty when he flashed his near perfect white teeth and mouthed hi!
He honked his horn, rather impatiently and yelled out his window to the car in front of his.
He hated it, when his mother disrupted his day to have him run errands to her saloon.
She needed him to pick up a stylist to make her and his sisters up for some silly cocktail his father was hosting
'Its green!!You can go now!' he yelled and honked again.
He let down the top of the car, to let in the summer air calm his nerves
Kira wouldn't be the happiest about his new change of plans
Damn, Kira.
He had met her at his mum's saloon, a couple of months ago, and why he still stayed in a whatever it was that they were in, he didn't know. He hadn't intended for it to go this far. He had just gotten into the country, bored and looking for something to play with when his mother shoved her in his face.
She had a body to die for, scratch that, kill for; she knew what to do to make his toes curl and she was intelligent , but she just didnt do it for him.
And now it was even more difficult to end than it was to begin, she was just too bossy, too over protective, too, everything!
He turned and parked in front of the saloon.
He chuckled to himself, he couldn't say he completely hated coming to the saloon, especially when his mum wasn't there
All those females, tearing him apart, when he walked in, simply divine!
The door chimed as he walked in
"Hey Bianca!' he smiled and greeted the receptionist
'is Tade here yet?'
"morning Sir, she was here a minute ago, but i sent her out to get something for me' noticing his frown she added, 'she will only be a moment, sir'
He sighed," i will be in my mum's office, call her cell phone and have her get here a.s.a.p'
" silly saloon girls' he muttered
Damn, Kira was going to be so pissed.
I should call her, go see her on my way home, I should...
His mind was racing with several thoughts that shut down as soon as his eyes met hers
He wasn't sure what it was that held him in her gaze, but he stood transfixed, looking into her eyes; time seemed to pause.
damn.....she was beautiful, no scratch that, divine, he was about to come up with another adjective for her, when his phone rang
He looked at the call id, 'Damn. Kira' , he cursed under his breath, and briskly walked into the office.
Sm' old I wrote, strated reading it and got really interested in the story, So September is The Mood 4 Love...Let's see if I can write another novel By blogging it!
Please be as honest as possible on the comments...Merci Bien!


juiceegal said...

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juiceegal said...

Well....TBH the story line was a bit all over the place.....but still nice concept.....surely it dsnt end here does it??

Rene said...

I didn't quite get it but i wanna see what comes up next.

Anonymous said...

Definitely caught my attention, looking toward to the rest

Devine said...

no it doesnt end here, haba now!
and juiceegal, wer have u been?
n how do i do that?

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

nice, i shall follow to see how you write...i got it though, like how you started from the present, went to the his past to try to connect their present again...


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oh well....havent finished yet,will be right back. meanwhile I could do with a big hug right now.