Sunday, August 30, 2009

Uncut..Yet Undercover....II

**insert sigh***
I feel kinda weird today.
I mean, i just read Fab's n Sir Scribbles' posts but for some reason, I have been having blog flu.
I mean, I have been away for a while and have written a bunch of stuff but just didn't post any of them up.
*insert sigh again**
Maybe this would end up being a random post, I don't know, but please bare with me.
I think what it is, is hurt, i think thats what this hollow, dense, vacuum feeling is.
You know what really grinds my gears, cowards.
I realize that the loud mouths, the one that act all '50 cent, 9 bullets, cant kill me' are the ones to fear sometimes. The ones that act all up in your face, make the worst of snitches.
Yea, I think it's hurt, and a little disappointment.
I don't hope to sound foolish or naive, but I am one of those rare people that expects the good in others; I assume that people would cheat, lie and be sneaky, but I also believe in giving them the benefit of the doubt.
Is that so bad?
Should I constantly be pushed and my politeness insulted to a point where I seize to care?
What most people do not know that I would like to clarify, here, is that silence should not be mistaken for foolishness, nor forgiveness for weakness; it took a deal of work for me to grow from suspecting, and expecting the worst of people to this; so heck no!am I going to roll over and let a few insecure, spineless mice, make me go back to that, plus I have also grown to a place where I don't think its fair to punish the world at large for a few people's sins, whutchu fink?
I dont know mein, like i said, this is kinda random
But it hurts mein, i wouldnt lie, shoot. I meet people who daily, tell me that loving people is wrong, that giving people a chance is akin to a taboo, that being nice and friendly to people will only come back to hurt me, and whats worse that the propagated evil of man, is the confirmation!
Who do I turn to and confide in now? Who would say, ow Devine, sorry bout that, but I kinda told you
Shoot, I really hate that phrase..."But I told you so!"
I'm also very sick of people claiming my post, saying that it refers to them, mein, you guys make being creative hard, and the blog is called BE-E, so take a CHI-ILL pill and let this babe express now! This semi anonymous thing sef!
Yea, this hollow, dense, arghh, feeling, yea its hurt...but I cant stay a pheonix ima rise and keep doing me, keep loving you(not one person o! before ppl start commenting!I not broken hearted hurt!) lol
Thanks to all who have given me space to breath, but in the words of a noble friend...
let's do this!


Sir Scribbles II said...


Sir Scribbles II said...


Sir Scribbles II said...

Thanks again 4 reachin dat endz oh,

mehn ain't this some deep ish? but yeah who does u better than u, noise is a technique used by cowards to disguise fear, no one has d right to insult you except you

I read something wen i was a kid and it stuck to me "mature pple never say I told you so"

stay fly nd vote for d BBPP lol

Fabulo-la said...

Ok o..which Fab's blog did u read..everybody is mixing miss.fab and faB! and Fabulo-la togeda o!

But any ways..Breathe out girl, and SAY WHAT U NEED TO SAY jo!

Devine said...

aw...mein,,,Sir Scribbles the second
I officially cast my vote 4 BBPP
lol...thanks, thats kinda whut i needed to hear...
Miss Fab o! lol
sorry for the confusion!

bonnie said...

awww! cheer up hun.
but relating to your blog is good...means others understand(well a little bit) what you're feeling/going through...xoxo

Lady X said...

You watch Bleach!
I love it!!!

miss.fab said...

I keep telling you this: do you! Don't let people make you o jare! If your way of thinking is not the best, at least you can find that out on your own abi?

But then again everyone thinks they know the answer to everything, when in fact they know nothing.

pretty damsel said...

I so feel you babes.....they cant hold a sister down.

am smiling right now,keep your head up.

You dont tell anyone how to run their stuff; so aint no one be telling u wat to feel or not to feel.

smile darling


HRM said...

"silence should not be mistaken for foolishness, nor forgiveness for weakness"

tru...very tru

ma to me

hit me up or sumtin