Monday, August 24, 2009


People who snap chewing gum, I find it annoying, not the snapping per say, but the fact that their mouth is open while they chew... eew!
Girls that SLAP their head, in order to look cute while resolving an itch, YOU LOOK MAD!!okay!
Get a cute lil pin thing thing and gently poke it in the direction of the itch
what do have in there, a family of lice?
People who do not know how to be discreet on the phone, yes, I'm talking to all you, ngbati, ngbana, o dikwa, why o why, can you not speak in the same tone with everyone else! no one wants to know your business
later now, when you get mugged you'll start crying!
FARTING on public transportation, like its a freaking subway! are you serious?!
People who chew food with their mouths open, as in, I can slap you!its not hard to shut your mouth, is it?
Pantie lines! Aarrrrgh!
People who know nothing about what I am talking about, intervening
or better, when you have rehearsals, the constructive criticizers that nothing looks good to, but when you tell them to give an idea, they walk away,keep your opinions to yourselves please
Chicken why cant you accept the fact that you used to be together, you broke up with him, he moved on; why would you try to make the new babe jealous or start rumors that obviously aren't true
to add to that, jealousy, i really cant stand it, go get yours!
People who try to intimidate me, size doesn't matter, DAVID(small boy) KILLED GOLIATH!
Facebook! like why tag me in a video or picture, I'm not even in, and then the damned notifications wouldnt let man rest!
GUYS THAT DO NOT USE DEODORANT, ejo, biko, (dont know it in hausa), please now! as in, please!
guys that have dreads or braids that without a microscope you can see the germs partying up in there, like people, c'mon naw!
People who cannot cook claiming and attempting to cook for parties, why now? like bad enough the tinie pot of rice tasted like crispy salt, why would you do it on a large scale?
PEOPLE that dont WASH THE BASE OF THE POT, eish, why wash around it and not clean its bum,WHYYYYYYYYY
Fake people, if you dont have it, we aint mad at you baybe, its all good!
People deciding that they want to go into music, when they have 0 to nothing talent, like stay in school people
Tell me that someone like soulja boi, would have money in the next 20 years,(ref. Mc hammer, parading his poor family for small chop change).
LATENESS, for some reason, I hate waiting on people, like i hate queuing! but some people have no regard for time and even when they come late, they don't realize that their silence means more to me that their lousy excuse; like , i was straightening my hair, do you like it?!
and whats up with America's best dance crew this year, like are they serious?
Somehow, those gay ppl dem are using their gayness to aome advantage because they cant dance, but if we pursue them now, they'll say its bcus they are gay! hisss, whay cant they work as hard as they rest of us(not like I wouldnt use the 'isnt becuase I'm black card, if I found myself in a tight corner!) but their own is becoming irritating jo!
What grinds YOUR gears?


akaBagucci said...

Very public PDAs, people who over use the word my dear and peeps who act all too familiar, when they have no basis to..

Devine said...

i know...i was going to add that one!!!well said!

miss.fab said...

scLmao! Rant girl, lol! Pele... Farting on public transportation????? Oh my days lmao!!!

Fabulo-la said...

Oh wow I CANNOT stand that chewing gum snappin either mehn...I almost slapped my sister the last time she did it in front of me..
As for me...I HATE, LOATHE it when PPLE for get to say their PLEASE THANK YOU AND SORRYS like bitch were u not raised with basic manners???

Rene said...

Bagucci stole my words.

I hate pple dt come to my house and go straight for the fridge.

Devine said...

Really, I do have this nasty habit of opening ppl's freezers, I dont know why, I guess u can kinda tell the kinda friend you have by their fridge!!(it's not like I want ur food o!)

Myne Whitman said...

Somebody is ranting. LOL I feel you ooo

bonnie said...

dat facebook one is annoying esp. when i like a photo, i'll start getting notifications when ppl make comments..Hiss**

ABDC crew: we are heroes, rhythm city, beat ya feat kings and vogue evolution(lol i like them ;)...

dat salsa crew needs to be demolished.

Anonymous said...

loooooooooooooooooool....and there is part 2!!