Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Funny How People Eat When They Think You're not Looking....

Interesting in fact!
I was in the food court at the mall yesterday and watched as people ate. I wasnt particularly conducting a study, just noticed how this girl practically shoved half her plate into her mouth, basically cus she thought no one was looking.
Thats how it started!
Personally, I'm a closet eater! If you stare at me when I'm eating, I'll stop, no matter how hungry! I love to take the food to me room and watch tv while I eat, Love It!
Dinner with a bunch of people.....Awkward!!
Lol, and people get mighty offended too cu they think I dont like the food or som'
And I take my time to eat..I hear that its cus I didnt go to boarding house! yea yea yea!!!
I love to bite and think about all the flavours, oooh and ahh, thats me! you guess it! Love to cook and my mother is/was a chef(only cus she ended up doing business later!) and she taught me not to gobble the food but experience it.
Its funny what people do when they think you're not watching!
Saw some funny clip of some Prime Minister picking his nose, then eating it and downing it with a cup of tea, like it was a croissant!!
What people do in their houses!
I remember a time when I wore masks like everything was kool, but I'd go home and cry my lungs out.
Its funny isnt it, what people say when they think you cant hear them!
Slander, gossip, general beef/hate comments.....
Seriously though, i sincerely think that if you cant say something to my face, you're just a coward, don't necessarily believe in confrontations and shinikua eye rollings but at least tell me, text me, don't tell Titi, that'll tell Gbemi that'll tell me!
Its funny how people look at you when they think you cant see them
lol...Oh I know this one for sure!!
Just today I was at work and I was looking out the window, when some guys walked up to me and I had heard em say, 'ey, lets go check out the girl with the big bum'
Surprise! lol!
Its funny ey
Its funny really , what people feel in their hearts when they're not looking
Happiness, joy, love even comes in the most unlikely places at the most unlikely hour!
Its funny how people eat when they think you're not looking!
I dont know I think that you should eat the same out or in, in front of him/her or not!


Anonymous said...

by default human beings want to fit in - and some behaviour is seen as 'un-cool'

maybe that is why marriages seem to fall apart - cos we put up appearances that we can't keep up with when the incentive to be cool is lost - the other side of the alter.

miss.fab said...

I love this post. Love the way you wrote it. It's funny what people do when they think no one is watching. Eww at that Prime Minister. Can we say disgusting. I don't think I can look at croissants the same way again... Lol

Devine said...

i'm sorry i tainted croissants 4 u hun!

Sugarking said...

Great post! very introspective!!! Nice one!

Myne Whitman said...

This is really true, most people have a double personality. Well written and nice blog altogether.

Sir Scribbles II said...

Lol oya i have landed! oh so u r one of those slow eaters? well it's peeps like u that make peeps like me look like hungry magas cos we finish b4 errone else lol...blame it on boarding school mehn. I love taking food to my room nd watching a movie will eating too. Prime minister chopping his our nose residue? DAMN IT MEHN! lol

Anonymous said...

Its so true. They eat like hungry dogs!