Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Playing wiv Fire

I'm playing with Fire and I cant stop
I see the flames but its kinda fun!
You know how you strike a match and watch it burn to the tip and quickly shake your hand before it gets to the tip of your fingers?
But has it ever happened that you got so caught up in watching the flames burn that you forgot the plan and it burnt the tip of your finger?
Thats where we are stuck
Having so much fun watching it burn that it just might get to the tip of our fingers before we realize
Listen now!
Not the fire that dances back, giggling as you slide your fingers through it from left to right
Yes, Candle light reciprocates love, yes
you make like a cave with your hands and watch it dance around
with your fingers you sentence it to death
but still this meek, playful candle can turn Judas on you
leave it unwatched, unmonitored and the once playful flames roar up like lions and consume all that you have, maybe you too.
We are playing with fire and we know it!
Tipping dangerously to the edge of the rim
I advice that we stop now, before it consumes us!!!
My patience with Nigeria is beginning to wear
President is missing, is he dead?
We dont know?
How is it possible that we have a president so ill in the first place? Dont they do health checks and things?
Its embarrassing
Nigeria is playing with fire and i wish she'd stop
Theres an extent to how much our neighbourhood, Africa can tolerate or even the rest of the world
President is issuing a statement to BBC when AIT and NTA have not seen his break lights?
Senators are in the news, naked in shrines holding human heads
I'm not sm1 to nag or complain i dont like it, but I'm tired!
Banks in confused state, can you imagine this
A bank exec steals money and runs away, but then the police arrest the poor ppl that worked under him, sayin, 'when he returns with the money, we'll release you'
Thats not fair, but its the system
Governors stashing up their accounts while their state suffers, no education, no amenities, no defence.
My friend always says Nigeria has been molested raped and beaten up
She's in a bad bad bad marriage and even if she got divorced today it would take years of therapy to get her sanity back.
I'm tired of making jokes about the legal system, education, amenities....
Nigeria is playing with fire and I wish she'd stop
Only now did ppl begin to trust her, maybe she's not all 419 after all and e-mail scams
Oh but what happens
Some goat head goes to stash knock out in his underwear!
Now they've added terrorist to her already long list of names
I wish she'd stop
I keep fighting for her, but I'm beginnig to doubt that she wants that
Dehumanizing experiences i face whenever I want to travel, and can I complain?
I wish she'd stop
Religious riots in Jos....
EFCC files Waziri lost
Oil money lost to Oversea Accounts
I wish she'd stop so future generations can have a chance


Myne Whitman said...

Hmm, crry not my beloved country, e go better. How are you? I hope the new year is treating your muse well? I'll let you know when your chapter comes up. Take care.

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

as much as i want to say things
it won't help plus i haven't gotten
to the stage where i can do more than
i am doing now (praying that is)
so, i'll just zip it and wait...hope!

Devine said...

Hi myne, I'm very well thanks
no problem, not sure I like it anymore sef, I think it's a lil predictable
lol thats all man can do now
just pray for nija that's all!

Anonymous said...

It's sad
that's what I think and the soccer that we could even brag about before is no more
I'm changing my nationality prob smile congolese
nice post devine

Rene said...

all we need is some serious miracle

neefemi said...

we just keep doing our part and hopefully in good time - God dey

sly said...

kinda long :-(
but iLike very :-)

DarLyn said...

I really do hope she would stop before it gets any worse than she is already.