Monday, December 28, 2009

...And the fat lady sings....

Cant believe '09 is gone
like, I remember the 31st of '08, the anxiety of what 09 was going to bring and now, the same butterflies float in my belly for the upcoming year.
I must say tho, I love my life
I love 09
In, 09 I stepped into my life.
I completed my first novel, became the President of the African students Association at my university, secured a position in the Toastmasters International Hall of Fame, got the recognition of my school of business, became a leader at church and figured out what i wanted my blog to be about...sigh
So I'm not anxious in the fear of the unknown, its more like how much more can I accomplish!
I feel like I'm siting on top of a roller coaster, like the behemoth, just waiting for it to drop
In other news, i bumped into my diary
A diary that I started when i was 13, till I was bout 18
My 13 year old self was soo cute, I miss her
I wish she could remain so cute and things, but life happens
I found my 13-18 year old self, interestingly interesting
if I am allowed to say that
and I can code
It took me a minute n half to figure out some of the things that I wrote!
and I had funny slangs like 'shi shi' meaning something
hmm, i might just reuse it in '10
I found my diary an amazingly interesting read, I could feel the sand in my toes in parts and hear the pain in others, the laughter and the tears, so much so that I want to begin the habit all over again
Writing my brain on a sheet of paper
my heart in a locked book.
Revisit myself from time to time.
I impressed myself immensely with my writings so much so that I even thought of writing a diary novel or sorts, of course my characters would be pure fiction, but it was such a fun read!
Do you keep diaries? Have you ever gone back to read them? if you havent please try it, write yourself a note or a poem and go back and read it when you're 50
I think its pure bliss.
And I dont mean to restate the already stated but I feel like my diary is me preserved
I mean, my loves, my laughs, my tears, my commitments
I'll quote something I wrote
"... I've always had dreams of being big, I mean, achieving great things, see now I'm the head girl, after this, I dont think the corporate world can be so hard to overtake! Anywaiz(been saying that for years now!)If that doesnt work out, I would like to be an author, interior decorator, fashion designer, marketing manager, like a p. diddy merged with a jay z, kinda thing, sigh that was a mouthful!
Seriously I would love to do all these things I love now, but most importantly I want to care, I want to help people, be someone people can talk to, and call on for help, dependable and trustworthy, CEO or not.
Now you listen to me, older Devine reading this, I most sincerely do not want to read this years from now and feel sad or ashamed because I totally deviated or lost interest in doing these things especially if its for monetary reasons..."


Rene said...

lol...i've never been serious with diaries
I've also though of a diary novel too...

miss.fab said...

I used to have a diary back in SS2. I was 14 then I think. (Damn I'm old!) Some girls in my class read it and I was so upset, I tore it. Stupid decision, if you ask me.

I consider my blog my 21st century diary, although this my semi-anonymity is making it impossible to remain that. I'm just not a fan of pen and paper writing anymore.

PS: offtopic, but I think you should consider writing a chapter of Myne Whitman's interactive story. Just a thought. :)

neefemi said...

but wait, why can't i follow you? thanks for stopping by mt blog

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

**shakes off the thought**
you decided to put something up
after all these years, abi?

i liked this post...:D

Devine said...

@rene..i think it would be cool, id publish mine but its very personal.
@miss fab, I'm very interested in the interactive story thing, how do i go about that?
@neefemi, no p, love ur blog too,btw
@David ur a fish!
lol, merci bien!