Thursday, July 9, 2009


Yes....Konspiracy, with a k
I have uncovered a scheme by the stores, at least so far in Canada
Its a Konspiracy!
Not like the ones of 911, Diana and the likes,(if you dont knw them, bussback, and I will be delighted to enlighten you!) but this is HUGE
Recently, I pulled out a skirt my mum had a tailor in Nigeria sew for me. I have had this skirt for about a year now, and washed it Only God knows how many times.
You see, its a red, blue, orangish, and yellow patterned skirt( you know how ankara is!) but what lit the bulb was that the red was not pink, the orange not yello or the yellow custard,
Right beneath it in my closet was a blue skirt that I'd bought here and washed, max. 3 times and the navy blue was beginning to look like sky blue
So then, i took time out to investigate(not having anything better to do, and CSI was boring me!)
I realized that the clothes that I had from Nigeria, havent changed
a yr, 2yrs old some of them and they still fit
but how many times have you bought a skirt, shirt or shorts at any store here and then you wash them and it becomes a battle to fit into them
with every wash, your clothes shrink to a state in which you either go on a diet, or buy new ones
ah ha!
can you say, 'Konspiracy!!!!'
I have concluded that the detergent industry and textile manufacturing industry are in on it
so that we are forced to buy more clothes
E-mbarrasing story!
I love my jeans, if i dont love you in the store, you're not coming home!
I love my jeans
So one of my favorites recently went into the washing machine, and dried!lol
and I stuck my legs into them
now somewhere between my hips and my bum, my jeans begged for Mercy, but I wanted to wear it that day and that was that!
I wore them and went out.
Decided it was a fine day to go to the riverside and get inspired.
I was there no more than 30 mins when the sun forced me to retreat.
And then it happened
As I rose from the seat, I heard a bzzzzzzzz
I frowned and shrugged it off
it was a little more windy that I remembered, but I walked on.
Jeremy who lives two houses away from me, runs up to me laughing
'I see blue!' he snicked.
'Blue?' what's this retarded boy laughing about? I wondered.
BLUE!my underwear!
I ran faster than light itself, bolted the door shut and screamed---(identity shall be concealed)
Its a Konspiracy people, i urge you to wear your adire loud and proud!
Where have all the good women gone, comes up next!!


miss.fab said...

Lmao!!!! Conspiracy indeed! You can imagine how us size 0 chicks suffer, after spending ages to find something that fits, the freaking jeans will be shrinking after a couple laundry cycles! Imagine!!!

HRM said...

i see blue....hehehehe

Lady X said...

Oh dear! That must've been embarassing. How did you hobble your way home!