Saturday, August 8, 2009

***iNSerT tItLE hEre***

We ran off the stage, giddy and excited.
'That was soooo much fun!' I giggled as we walked into the dressing room
'I know, right!We should so do that again!' she replied.
We took off our costumes and ransacked the pile of clothes for ours
in our anxiety to get on stage and get the performance over with, we had thrown our clothes about the room.
Walking around the room in only our underwear, searching for our clothes; I saw something I'd never seen on my friend before.
Just peeking above her underwear was a tattoo.
I grabbed her arm
'Ah, ah, whats wrong? whats wrong?' she asked, nervously scanning the room.
'Did you see something?' she asked when I didnt reply.
'Whats that?' I asked staring at her tattoo
She followed my eyes to the little star she had on her hip.
She giggled nervously,'oh, this, nothing!'
'You got a tattoo, when?'
She turned away, trying to hide the volcano of emotions that clouded her eyes.
'Talk to me!'
'I got it a month ago'
I held her shoulders and spun her around to face me
A single tear fell out her eyes and rolled down her cheeks
'To remember, you know!'
I stared back, puzzled
'Remember? Remember what?'
'You know they say, you'll forget, that it will pass away, but I havent forgotten, cant forget!'
'Ah, ah, you're not making any sense!'
'Remember what?, forget what?'
She sighed and this time a flood of tears like the wave of an ocean, crashed landed and she wept
like a baby she began to weep.
She proceeded to tell me that when I left, she met a guy.
They liked each other, you see and so decided to take their commitment to the next level.
So they made love, not sex she said
Their souls were in tune, it wasnt magic, it was passion like fire and ice colliding, she shuddered as she narrated.
I nodded
Not too long after this, he stopped calling. She looked for him everwhere, but he was so evasive and finally called it quits
She was hurt, but braved it, he wasnt right for her, you know, beyond the sex, it wouldnt have lasted anyways!
I nodded again
then her period wouldnt come
a month, two, nothing
So she got it checked out, and found out that she was pregnant.
Pregnant? She couldnt be, you see, she is in college, you see, she has a career, a life to live, pregnant?
The doctor replied, well technically its not a baby yet, its a division on many many cells at this stage.
SO what are my options?
you could take it out?
You mean abortion? she gasped
All the Nigerian movies she'd seen hunted her. None of them made it alive in the end, or the ghost of the baby chased them around till they lost their mind.
the doctor shrugged
She couldnt deal with the emotions or the thoughts so she ran out the clinic, to her mother's office. Hoping that when she got there, her mother would be undertanding
Her mum was enraged, 'Ridiculous! You cant keep it! Have you lost your marbles? Having sex? Hell no you cant keep it!'
She said 'it' like it was cancerous.
She pleaded still till her mother saw reason, and accepted; she smiled
'My mother, could be so understanding, you see. Thats why I love her' she said
I nodded, affirmations werent needed.
Two days later, her mum came home from work early and made her dinner.
Special diet for me and the baby, she said
Pregnant women need all the rest they can get!' she'd pulled my cheeks and said
'My tummy hurt so much' she sniffed
So i went to the bathroom, and there was so much blood.
Blood everywhere on my palms and clothes' she shook now
My mother towered above me as I lay on the bathroom floor.
'Ridiculous, you couldn't have kept it! but dont worry, it wasnt a baby yet, just a cluster of cells' she tapped my head and walked out
Left me alone, with 'it'
The counselor said with time, id forget
But I havent, cant, I lay on my bed every night wondering if it was a boy or girl
So i got the star, for him or her.
Abortion' she chuckled, whose choice is it anyway?
What is it when the sperm touches that egg?
I shrugged uncomfortably
'I'll tell you' she sighed
'It's life! It's a living being! not a cluster of cells!'
She stared me square in the eyes and asked......'Tell me what you think?'
Abortion? What is it to you? What will your choice be if you were faced with it?'
(pls male opinion included)**


9jaqt said...

wow...u noe i hv asked a couple of my friends the question of what would happen if any of them got pregnant right now and they all seem so quick to say abortion like its an easy solution without repercussions, but it is a really hard thing to go thru and deal with for the rest of a lifetime.

Rene said...

Abortion is something I never want to go through. I know people that have and I've never been able to look at them the same way after that.
After the egg is fertilized, life begins for it, it's not just a cluster of cells undergoing division. It's a living being that not fully developed.
If i ever have an abortion, I'll never be able to look at a child or a younger person and not regret my actions.

miss.fab said...

Men... it's so easy to say we wouldn't do it, we're against it, our religion forbids us from killing. To be honest, idk what I'd do if that ever happened to me outside of marriage/while in school. I'd leave it in the hands of God though. Hopefully I never have to face those choices

Buttercup said...

I like the story! Gosh, I hope I'm never faced with that option but there was a time I thought I was preggers, I knew there was no way I was gonna keep the baby. I thank God I didn't have to resort to that.. We might all go ahead and say NO, GOD FORBID! But really, no one knows how they'd react to a situation unless actually faced by it..

pretty damsel said...

wow....its unfortunate,decisions on what we are capable of can only be made; when we are faced with the situation itself.

we all have made our fair share of mistakes but....never say i cant or wont do that until ur faced with the ?s of how,when and what will i do?....