Monday, August 3, 2009

Hi Hater!

Hi Hater!!
You see me!
Recently, a lot of blogs that I've been on, have been making references to their haters.
Been talking about how these people think you're too this, or you're too that....
I probably shouldn't blog under these conditions, I mean, just having recently had an encounter with these creatures
These haters!
Personally I love my haters
I love them to bits!
To begin with, my father always said to me
'Dee, you'll only have people(haters) who will do everything in their power to say and/or do something to harm you or your reputation, if you are important.
Thats the word-Important
of much or great significance;mattering much;prominent;of considerable influence or authority.
Think about it though, if you were a nobody, a beggar, druggie, i don't know some low life insignificant piece of matter, no one will 'hate'.
You know why I love haters, and why i appeal that you surround yourself with them?
Its simply because no matter what I do, they still hate! I work so hard and they still hate!
Its frustrating at times, but when I count all my achievements, I have to thank them.
I have friends and I love them, to bits I love them, love them, love them!
They support and encourage me like friends should, and when I have a victory, a success, a great achievement, what ever! They celebrate with me. We go out to dinner and toast! Do something to celebrate the cloud I'm walking on, till I get home and some 'hater' has left a comment.
A hater signs in as anonymous and writes nonsense on my blog, a hater calls me, makes useless threats and then hangs up.
But you know what that does to me? It vexes me! Then it makes me feel like I havent done enough, it forges me in the fire
Haters, you're my fire, Im gold!
I need you, please never leave me.
Good compliments are fine, they are the embroidery on my fabric, but you dearest hater are the hot water, the hydrochloric acid that constitutes the dye on my fabric
I love you!
My dear, dear haters, They inspire me to be better, make whatever achievements I have mediocre.
I'm not sure I'll be the better of myself, the best I could ever be, if it were not for my haters.
Most of my proudest achievements are as a result of the fact that someone said that I could never do it, will never be it, and have I now?, yup, am I now?, yup, yup!!!
My name is Devine, I'm walking Gold, and I wouldnt stop, I wouldnt quit, until I am the best that I can be
I dont swear, and I am so tempted to, but what I can do is assure you, promise you that my name, you'll hear, in classes shall your children learn of me!
Till my last breath, dear hater, I wouldnt disappoint you, every flaw you point out, i will correct
You scratch me to perfection!
Your biggest fan


9jaqt said...

hahahahaha i guess u did let off a lil steam

Devine said...

oh i aint done yet
ima publish the entire thing tomoro!

Anonymous said...

i would keep FB because it has got more features

Devine said...

ah thanks milan
im standing on my chair, screaming 'I WIN! I WIN!!'
anti-twitter is the way to goooooooooo

Anonymous said...

this hater bizness...I dunno what is more overflogged whether this or the swag business...

*sigh..every tom, dick and harry has a hater mehn...

can't say I havent had my own fair share of haters...rather not go there...especially when some o dem were even born by ma own morra

Devine said...

mehn swagg is sm else entirely
i'm not so sure i know what it means again!
no matter who you r n what u do
pp, will always hate!
sorry chari,one will expect that ppl born by ur morra wud be supportive
but mehn do u, let the fire burn, n outta the ashes , u a phoenix shall arise!