Friday, July 31, 2009

Off the Cuff, Yet Undercover

First of all, I'm freaking out!
I totally thought today was the 30th!
Dayum, how time flies!
Eish, and the closer September becomes!
I'm not happy at all!
Hmmm, not at all, so much to do, soooobbbbbbbbbbbb!
That depressing note aside!
I'm off the cuff today yet undercover!
I realized I havent really spoken about me in a long while, if at all even!
See, I love to write and I make it my inspirational business, to be able to absorb people's emotions and write them out as mine
Today though, its about what on Devine's mind
I'm unsettled at the moment, very disturbed and disturbed again
Very disturbed is an understatement.
I was just on Fabulously Unwritten's blog and she had a picture of a bag she was *hint, hinting* on for her birthday
No biggie you'd say, right?
But as a female, I am soooooooooo dead when it comes to some things, and just now it bothers me!
Yesterday, I went shopping for a gift for my mum, and thought to buy her a bag, but come and see me and my dilemma between clutch, purse(all i'd call wallet!but apparently it aint!) and bags
You see when it comes to things like this, i'm like your brother!
You know when you drag your brother or boyfriend shopping when they would rather watch a game! Yea thats me! and it bothers me
I see all my friends react to bags like its walking diamonds, name brands here and there, and I am as blank as talking to a guy about sanitary towels!
It bothers me, that my best friend is shopping on the Mac website for brushes
I'm like, Say what now?
There's brush for face again? Ah ah, whats the p?
I feel very unfeminine at the moment! An its irritating me!
But at the same time, I felt been unfeminine for a long ass time!
Reasons? If you wanna know, ask in the comment box and I'll tell you! he he he
And that it bothers me now!, I dont know why
You should have seen me the day I walked over to the counter and paid for my first mascara
Chai, you'd have thought it was something else that I bought or i won the lottery, i'm serious!
Let's not even talk about the day I used it!
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, i was walking around like i had gold on my lashes!
Hisssssssssss, its not supposed to be that way!I admit there is a background story to the death of the yay! happy go lucky, sing song woman in me!
I'm frustrated right now though!
I stood in that store for good 30mins, just staring at the bags like jamb questions, for what now?!
played einie minie mannie mooh, father has a donkey.....
I am proud to say tho that I eventually walked out victorious!!(triumphant music, and me walking in slow motion with a grin!) and must have made a damn good choice for every store I walked into after that, people peeked into my shopping bag and gasping
'Oh may i please see that', 'where did you get that bag from', 'ow, Ben, we have to go by that store i want one!'
Chei, i admit my head was swelling a bit!
silly novice me(te he he he)
What am I going to do with myself?
I do shoes easily!!! ha ha haaaaaaaa, aint no probs there(except i have this thing for buckles on shoes, I cant bring myself to do it!) (at least that was till yesterday!) ha ha!
and I bless God, for giving me a body that can make calico look sexy!! but I feel like something is missing and I dont want to force it out, push myself and not be myself, you know?
Oh well, Lord help me to find passion for femininity, its who I am supposed to be afterall


Bubbles said...

don't worry you will find it
at least you bought a sexy bag now

Devine said...

it wasnt 4 me, but i think i am blessed like that
u knw, maybe i have a 6th sense for it!

Fabulo-la said...

Ah! But why are u trying hard to be feminine naa?
Just do u jere babes.
If na jeans and sneakers u do, then do the jeans and sneakers jere. it dsnt marra what anyine else thinks jo.
But biko, shey u sha know how to use the sanutary pads??

Devine said...

ha ha
thank God i doo o!
since i was 9!
sigh, i didnt even get to be ignorant all thru high school, but it was fun, i was the advisor on cramps n the likes!

Anonymous said...

looool.....I USED to be a sucker for non feminine girls...lets jus say I was redeemed! thank ya!

Devine said...

Hey Chari!
that aint fair
get back to ur un-redeemed ways!!

Anonymous said...




Devine said...

if i knew wer u wer, id make a very good attempt!lol

Anonymous said...

*raises one eyebrow*


you are givin me gud reason to wana let u find me.....

Anonymous said...

cul blog> check out mine as well>

Anonymous said...

chari... r u e-flirting?
i'm calling buttercup! lol

devine, just do you.

Anonymous said...

*blank stare*


Devine said...

Chari, are you?
buttercup will pour pepper on you!

Anonymous said...


the horror!!!

I would do no such thing!

Devine said... sound guilty to me
btw Chari, did I tell you that I find your blog very interesting
wanted to follow it, but i cant find the 'thing thing' to click on!

Anonymous said...

looool...ok so I am guilty...YOU started it! lol..

*gushes* thank you!
love ur blog too bebe!

thing thingie comin up in a sec!