Sunday, April 18, 2010


Ok so exams have got me not blogging and after exams I wanna challenge myself to complete two novels in 5weeks, so I apologize in advance.
Today tho was fun at church as usual, and I get home and my dad calls and we are just gisting and laffing and thinking throwback stuff
Which kinda got me into this playlist thing, so I'm going to just put in all up on here and I hope you guys experienced these songs when you were kids and it makes you recall, dancing chairs, dancing competitions and stuff!

Omg, i danced to this song in high school!

I miss Aaliyah!

N the song that made Destiny's Child(if you do not believe, listen to the original song)

Ok, gotta stop here, but if you like this playlist lemmi know, n i cud do this more often, after writing I love music and if I dont stop now, I'll have a page full!
##Best wishes to all writing exams!
Hope I made you dance!


Sylvester II Kay-Adade said...

hmm someone's topsy turvy

~B~ said...

u just made me nostalgic! *bopping head*

Anonymous said...

Omg!!! Throw back!!! Thanks Devine

MizzGoneGaGa said...

Good Times
Good Times
Unfortunately I am too young to know some of these songs!
Thats all am saying