Friday, July 16, 2010

Omoge 2010

I'm very fashion cautious, I do not ever want to be that girl that people shake their heads about like, "What the heck was she thinking ?"But are some trends that have caught my attention and I have chosen to dare them, also I'll like to share with you some designs i bumped into that
absolutely adore.So first off, folded pants
At first I thought I'd look like my pants shrunk or they are ill fitting, but I warily attempted it and loved it!

Make simple look good, make simple look sexy!

White Lace dress: I love it for its simplicity and class. I think a little white lace dress is cute.

Here are a couple of styles I bumped into from this years African designers fashion week
Have a great week, coming up next What not to wear! EVER!


Anonymous said...

Love the clothes from the fashion week
who were they by?

Dee from THAT GOOD GOOD BLOG said...

great blog! i love this post :)

feel free to check out my blog!