Monday, July 12, 2010

Watch Me Eat

We are back and branching out!
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Today, we'll start off with Food!
I love to cook, not so much eat, but I love to cook, and I have come up with random recipes such as Mint chicken, Coffee Chicken, Rummed Pork, etc
Today though I'd like to share my Banana Chicken Recipe with you.
This recipe was born when I was bored one afternoon and couldnt decide on lunch, I actually wanted breaded chicken but I didnt see the point of laboring so hard for one piece of chicken!
These are the ingredients required for this recipe:

Bananas, a glass of milk, chicken, dijon mustard, onions(garlic) chilli peppers, lemon juice, nutmeg, curry(for a darker yellow), and thyme. You do not necessarily have to use the exact spices, i use the mustard because it has thing odd spice, like wasabi meets ginger, chilli because i like my food somewhat spicy and milk to loosen the thickness of the banana puree, you can use cream or yogurt if you please.

First you mash up the bananas and squirt a little of the mustard in it,(you dont need a lot of mustard, its spicy and you dont want it to overwhelm the rest of the flavours)

Then in a pan, melt a spoonful of butter
when its melted, pour in your chopped onions, and leave them till they begin to brown.

After your onions brown you, you toss in your diced up chicken breast, you dont want it to cook entirely before you add the mashed up bananas.
Unfortunately I was taking these pictures with my phone and my mother called, so I'll fill in the blanks.
Pour in the milk and the mashed up bananas and stir it in, because you want the flavour of the milk and banana in your chicken.
After this you add your spices, ginger, black pepper, oregano, curry, thyme, whatever suits you, not too much, or it'll take out the flavour of the bananas.
Also, you dont want to add too much cream or milk or yogurt or it'll turn the sweet from the bananas to sour, before you know it!
All these bring us to
Boiled some rice and Voila!

Hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions or would like me to feature anything for you, enter it in in the comment box
Have a great week!


MizzGoneGaGa said...

glad u r back :D

Fashion Rehab said...

Boollaaaa. Banana chickeenn!! (Bold Voice) miss u guys :)

Devine said...

miss u too hun :)

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

banana chicken?

how goes it though?

Devine said...

dude, wer hv u been, u wer spose to call me bk