Thursday, October 1, 2009

If you're happy and you know it.......


so my day starts up with a facebook debate, a friend of mine updated his status to tell all the nay-Sayers to do sm or shut up.
To whch ppl responded by reminding him that he wasnt in Nigeria and all the things they were facing, etc etc...
i personally agree on the shut up part though, all my life I have Nigerians point out the faults but do nothing about it, ne hows that was that
and then i decided it was time to update my know, get my fall theme going on
started out good, wande, d banj, ayo, jill scott, singing me encouragements, but mehn, im tired
n now my room is in a ridiculous mess!
Mid-terms next week!!!!Yay!!!!then reading week!!!Yay again!!!
Inspiration for this post came when I remembered those days, when glitter pen/gel pen was the ish
When someone was really special to you, you signed their gift off with a glitter pen.
it was no joke o, hear curses when someones pen goes missing.
lol...high school.
I miss high school......
I miss Nigeria.....
I have a speech/poem/thing to do on saturday for Nigeria's independence, so I called my mum and asked what good thing I could say and she said "well, Nigeria is a place that forces your husband to be romantic!!you call candle lit dinner an occasion, we call it Thursday night!"
I'm happy! by the way
just happy...thought of all the good things in my life and I'm happy.....
my room's a mess, dont have my speech, and im tred of ppl saying, 'is it not you!'; lol
I'm tempted to go up there n say, 'yo, ima let you finish...!'(ref to Kanye)
I lost my mentor two weeks ago, death is bizarre you know, you think you'll hurt forever, but to be honest I havent thought of it in the past 3-4 days, thats one of my fears. That ppl will eat rice, fight for plastic bowls and handkerchief, clean mouth and forget me; until a years past.
twitter anti twitter hence my 'twits'(is that whut they're called??)shall appear here!
Twitter is EVIL, see how it has snuck into blogville n captured ppls hearts, regular bloggers have vanished eh, like facebook was to hi5,lmao
hi5! sigh, who knew you'd end so [pathetically, while you were sexing yourself up.
If facebook has those background things n music im leaving!!
ok, i need a maid....
a robot a wand, sm, d only safe place is this lil corner on the floor...
I'm happy, just happy, and if i hadnt spent half the energy dancing instead of cleaning up, i might have done a happy dance!
random much!


Anonymous said...

Go nd clean your room jare!!!!

I am going back to nigeria to be d nxt donald trump...... dnt laugh......seriously

RocNaija said...

Lol @ Thursday night..
Your mom's got jokes..

Sugarking said...

This was a nice read. I think ur nice with the pen. really...

lol @ ttlolla