Tuesday, June 15, 2010

..Just Might be a Happy Birthday After all

Ok, its 1 am June 16th and I think I just caught the birthday bug.
So far I have been very pessimistic about my birthday, only because in recent years I have learnt the hard way that expectation=disappointments, so this year, I have none
I dont care if I get a cake, I dont care, if I get gifts, I'm blank
Before 'recent years' I didnt have expectations for my birthday, of course I got gifts from my parents, and a lil sm sm from uncles and stuff and it was kool please dont get me wrong, but something ALWAYS seems to go wrong on my birthday that ends up just upsetting me and the flicker of happiness vanishes.
Say, in Nigeria, it always rained, I'm serious, from the day i was born, to the day I was named, till when I left, it rained, and not ok its raining outside kinda rain, I mean there is no way I'm leaving my house for nothing kinda rain!
Then Canada, where do I begin, freeloaders? Competition?, like who has to compete with convocations?
How do you compete with that, EVERY year someone is planning a 'yippee look at me, i just graduated BBQ'
I further find it funny when people, try to hype me into feeling better, or accuse me of being pessimistic, when you get 3 unhappy birthdays in a row, Hola @ ur girl ok?!
It doesnt bother me, but I think I am entitled to one happy birthday.
I'm not asking for a lot am I?
But for some odd reason, laying on my bed right now, I feel a little glimmer, a little buzz, 'My Birthday IS coming up'
And one way or another, I will have fun
even if i lay on my bed and watch re-runs of my fav shows(which seems to be my plan right now), I will have fun!
But if could wish anything this birthday, and I have a truck load of wishes!, I'd wish to be happy.

Please feel free to share happy/ sad, weird, funny birthday experiences! :)


Fashion Rehab said...

Hey honey B (if u kill a cow, u gotta make a burger) !!! lol
ps: in my 16th birthday, i was told to clean part of the house, cos the maid was on off!! (how sexy is dat. (took me 6-7 hours) but its all gud :).

Lady X said...

I feel you on not expecting things from people. Its gotten to the point that I don't give gifts or even cards to people that don't do the same to me. I know it seems childish but its rather rude to me. Its like saying the love is one sided. I don't know if that makes sense. But then again I only give gifts to people I think are special so that's why I think it matters if they also do the same.

miss.fab said...

Lies! Don't pretend you won't care if I don't wish you happy birthday!!! :)

@ Lady X - cosign on the selfishness. Abeg my personal recession is hindering my ability to be one-sidedly generous jo

neefemi said...

Happy Birthday...hope the Lord grants you your heart desires.

Devine said...

@fahion rehab-lol sorry hun, hope they made up for it with the gift
@lady x n miss fab- meyne, i understand, i burst my butt getting ppl gifts and then on my birthday they call n be like yo u best know ur paying for my dinner!
ye, it sounds sad, but meyne my pocket cant be getting ppl gifts that dont hv the courtesy to do the same
thanks neefemi! amen

honey91 said...

I think i can safely holla at you!
I've had over4 bad birthdays in a row...matter of fact i stopped counting...
I can only say, make it a good day for yourself..
iono try something uve never done..
cook a special meal for you nd ur bestfriend..and watch an old movie or something..
have a good laugh..
ull be fine hun!

Fabulo-la said...

First of all, that bee looks mean! Like it hates me or sth!

Moving on...sweety have a happy birthday and remeber above anything else to be thankful that you DO have another birthday to celebrate.

Have a good one babes

Devine said...

@honey91, my plan is to spend it with my special ppl very private thing
@fabulo-la meyne thts all im happy for, i thank God for the priviledge of another year!!

Rene said...

whr in canada r u? maybe i cud try n help

Anonymous said...

In the pleasant city of the 519!!